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Friday, January 18, 2013

Tri Santoso, cleaning service working in UOB Plaza, Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, finally escaped death after managed to escape on Friday (18/01/2013) morning.

Rudi Alsadad               Floods submerge three floors in the building basement UOB Plaza, Thursday (01/17/2013)

Tri Santoso, cleaning service working in UOB Plaza, Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, finally escaped death after managed to escape on Friday (18/01/2013) morning.

Tri stuck for nearly 24 hours in the basement of an office building is one that is almost covered by standing water caused by heavy rains that hit Jakarta the day before.

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Rikwanto said Tri escaped thanks to an inner tube that used to float while in the basement.

"The victims in the name of Tri got past the south entrance near the escalator and it worked out, swam with motorcycle tires he found in the basement," said Rikwanto, Friday (01/18/2013), in the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters.

At that time, the water had almost reached the basement ceiling. All cars parked already submerged overflow. The narrow air space is only about an inch had to be taken Tri in the basement full of water.

Finally at 08.30 pm Tri managed to get out of the basement. When out, Tri had said that there was a friend of his named Tito who also cleaning service trapped inside. Tito trapped in the basement with Tri.

Not long after, Tri unconscious. He was immediately rushed to Abdi Waluyo Hospital, Jakarta.

"While one else is still in the evacuation still we try. Teams drain the water first so they can see how the structure of the building," said Rikwanto.

In the press conference made the manager of UOB Plaza on Friday afternoon, the victim estimated four people. One of them, namely Tri, managed to escape that left three other people were trapped in the basement of the office building.

The number of victims delivered UOB Plaza management is different from that expressed by the police. Rikwanto confirmed that only a single victim trapped inside.

He explained that, in the beginning there were four people trapped in the basement of UOB, but the two men had first come out shortly after the water into the basement of the building. However, two other people were trapped inside until the water almost hung ceiling.

"One person has survived on behalf of Tri Santoso, while the others remain in the name of Tito," said Rikwanto.

Parties UOB Plaza said that three people were still trapped in the building located at Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta, since Thursday (01/17/2013), while one person was evacuated.

According to Kristi, who represents the building management, rescuers City Police and firefighters are still trying to drain the water from the basement of the building. "Currently, the drainage was performed using suction hose measuring 1,000 liters per minute," says Kristi, Friday (18/01/2013).

He revealed that one in four people has been found. "His condition is fine, it's been in the hospital," said Kristi.

However, until around 11:51 pm, said Kristi, there has been no confirmation from the police about the condition of the victims have been found earlier. "We still do not know what his condition, hopefully there's still hope," said Kristi.

Kristi also confirmed that at the site where three people were still trapped air cavity is still available. Unfortunately, both Kristi and other building staff refused to give more information about these events.

Previously, the building security guard asked the reporter out of the building. "If you are not an employee here and have no interest in anything, you better get out," said a security official.

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