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Monday, January 21, 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama promised to build a "strong alliance" around the world and said the United States is committed to creating security without "prolonged war".

U.S. President Barack Obama promised to build a "strong alliance" around the world and said the United States is committed to creating security without "prolonged war".

U.S. President Barack Obama promised to build a "strong alliance" around the world and said the United States is committed to creating security without "prolonged war". Similarly, the statement in a speech after the second inauguration as the number one country on Monday (01/21/2013), in the White House.

"America will remain a strong community anchor in every corner of the world," Obama said on the steps of the Capitol building (DPR) the U.S. where he was sworn in for a second term.

"And we will update institutions that increase our capacity to handle crises abroad, because no one can have a strong stake in a peaceful world unless the country strong," he added.

Regarding the end of the war in Iraq and the upcoming withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Obama said, "We, the people, still believe that maintaining lasting peace and security does not require endless war."

However, Obama pledged to "support democracy - from Asia to Africa, from America to the Middle East, because of the interest and awareness of us requires that we act on behalf of those who longed for freedom."

"And we have to be a source of hope for the poor, the sick, the marginalized, the victims of prejudice - not just for charity, but because peace in our times requires continual advances the principles outlined our belief with: tolerance and opportunity, dignity human and justice. "

The Obama administration is strengthening ties with U.S. allies in Asia as a response to what he considered a number of countries as China vanity.

Obama's inauguration was done in the middle of the French intervention against militant extremists in Mali and when a number of the U.S. government criticized Washington for not helping Paris.

U.S. President Barack Obama emphasized the equality of rights for women and gays, as well as a better system for new immigrants in the country. That he emphasized in his speech on Monday (21/01/2013), in the White House after his inauguration to serve a second term as the number one United States.

"We declare today that the most obvious truth-that we are all created equal-is a star that still guide us," he said, citing the precedent of the American struggle for civil rights of gays and women.

"Now the task of our generation to continue what the pioneers began. For the trip, we did not finish until our wives, our mothers and daughters can get the same life with their efforts," he continued.

"Our journey is not complete until our brothers and sisters who are gay are treated like everyone else under the law, because if we really are created equal, then surely the love we gave to each other must be as well.

"Our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the immigrants, who still see America as the 'land of opportunity'."

Obama's statement to declare its policy reform for immigrants. He wanted to shorten the path for undocumented immigrants to earn the opportunity to stay in the U.S., saying that "the students and young engineers" to "registered in our workforce than to throw him out of our country."

U.S. President Barack Obama called for the nation unite to overcome all the problems that are whack. It was to be one of emphasis in his speech during the inauguration at the White House, Monday (01/21/2013), which witnessed millions of pairs of eyes around the world.

He admitted that the challenges facing the U.S. in many aspects. Therefore, they should always hand in hand to address any problems.

"Now, more than ever, we need to address it all together as one country and one force," according to one of a number of the content of the speech, which received a standing ovation from the thousands of U.S. citizens who packed downtown Washington DC.

Obama also acknowledged that the U.S. had to make difficult choices to cut healthcare costs. They should also start work to rebuild the U.S. economy was faltering due to the global recession. "A decade of war now. Economic recovery has begun."

Obama also stressed that in his second term as the number one in the U.S., one of his priorities is to fight climate change. The reason this becomes an important factor for the future of a new generation in the face of the earth.

"We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that failure to do so would betray our children and future generations," he said.

Previously, Obama has officially inaugurated. He raised his right hand and put his left hand on the Bible that once belonged to President Abraham Lincoln and the black movement activists, Martin Luther King. After reading the oath of office, Obama will undergo four years is predicted to be full of problems and difficulties at home and abroad.

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, joined lawmakers and other key officials in the Capitol, in the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama in his second term as President of the superpower, Monday (21/01/2013).

Clinton and Carter became the Democratic Party members who are still alive, after they occupied the White House. Clinton was accompanied by his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Meanwhile, both former President George W. Bush and his father, former President George HW Bush, who is expected to attend, did not appear. They both are members of the Republican Party.

Bush senior was recently discharged from the hospital, where he was treated for bronchitis and other issues.

Barack Obama was officially sworn in as U.S. president for his second term in a small ceremony at the White House on Sunday (01/20/2013).

Swearing this time taking place in one room called the Blue Room of the White House and the swearing-in on Sunday to fulfill the command of the U.S. Constitution requires presidential inauguration took place on 20.

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, the ceremony was seen taking the oath Obama for his second term as U.S. President. Obama was not alone, his wife Michelle Obama and their two daughters, Sasha and Malia, take a witness swearing.

By putting his hand on a Bible held by his wife, Obama took the oath of which one part is: "Maintain, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

A number of other Obama family members and journalists were also seen in the ceremony.

As well as Obama, Joe Biden was sworn in as vice president at his official residence yesterday. Despite swearing took place on Sunday, inauguration ceremonies will take place on Monday (21/01/2013) in Washington.

Remain a concern

Obama and Biden also will repeat their vows in public at the inaugural event. Since the weekend thousands of workers and volunteers are working hard to complete the construction of celebration on Monday, including setting up a white tent, trailer and engine generators that are constructed on the National Mall along the parade route, where the surrounding buildings decorated with trinkets of red, white, and blue, the color of the U.S. flag.

To the volunteers, he asked to do the work as a tribute to the civil rights fighter Martin Luther King, where his birthday is celebrated as a national holiday falls on a Monday. This year is the 50th anniversary trip to Washington Luther King's actions.

In the midst of celebration and joy nuance, Obama described his second term will be more characterized by a hard struggle, the BBC's Ben Wright, in Washington.

One effort amid heavy weapons tried was changing the law, immigration rules update, as well as take care of the national debt continues to soar.

In 2009 nearly two million people crammed celebrate Obama's inauguration in Washington. Four years later, the U.S. is estimated to have a public mood increasingly dim. However, there remains a very popular president, was also the first black people to the highest office, the inauguration of the two remains unpredictable suck big concern.

BBC                 Barack Obama faces a tough challenge in his second term as U.S. president.
Sources: BBC Indonesia

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