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Thursday, January 17, 2013

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said that the ranks of government, both central and local, to work together in dealing with the floods in Jakarta.

Jakarta Floods Map

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said that the ranks of government, both central and local, to work together in dealing with the floods in Jakarta.

"I want ranks of central and local government, and to the RT / RW working together," he said in Rawajati, Jakarta, Thursday (17/01/2013), after reviewing and down the river Ciliwung.

The President asked the city administration in order to mobilize its resources to deal with the flood this time. While the central government, such as the National Disaster Management Agency, the Coordinating Ministry for People's Welfare, or the Police and Armed Forces, will ensure that aid will reach the needy.

"Early in the morning I've talked to BNPB and Welfare to be sure, had no help from the center, we muster military help secure the places abandoned, who gathered in the camp. Short, now all being assumed his duties," he said.

President on the occasion also appealed to the public and all parties to participate in helping the flood victims, among others, by establishing a common kitchen.

The President explained that the flood in Jakarta this time is the largest after the floods that occurred five years ago. Even the Presidential Palace Complex were not spared from the flooding this time.

"We still remember the first 2007 even bigger, all the places that had not been hit so taxable. Presidential Palace also contact my office this morning, now it is shrinkage, the place got flooded again," he said.

Meanwhile, President Yudhoyono with First Lady Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono made unannounced visits to places affected by floods, in Rawajati, Kalibata, South Jakarta.

Unannounced visit was made after receiving the state visit of the President of Argentina Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner.

The President arrived in Rawajati and review for approximately two hours. The President visited the refugees and to validate the location of flood height of approximately 30 cm. Then the President of the overflowing Ciliwung River down using a rubber boat from the Marines.

The President said, from the current observations along the river, many settlements on the left and right of the dangerous river. To that end, he supports the governor Jokowi program to deal with it.

Not unexpectedly, it turns out after reviewing flood evacuees Kampung Pulo, Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo still continue their activities. It seems that heavy rains Capital, midnight Thursday (01/17/2013) not deter Jokowi to return monitor levee repair work West Flood Canal (BKB) Latuharhary Road neighborhood in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Its review to the levee breached an overview of the third time today. Previously he was reviewing in the afternoon and evening. Contrary to visit in Kampung Pulo, accompanied by his wife, Iriana Widodo, was on the scene when the embankment collapsed, his wife would prefer not to go down from the governor's official car.

"This we do at night.'ll Rain again that baseball would be flooded," said Jokowi, in Latuharhary.

Jokowi said the levees were breached BKB should be immediately repaired to the protocol in the Capital is not stagnant and economic activity was blocked again. Therefore, to improve the levee was breached, Jokowi solicits the help of the municipal police, Public Works Officer, Commander, and a Special Forces to complete the work.

"The water entered the city's dangers. This is not easy because the process steps need to be followed heavy equipment also can not get closer," said Jokowi.

The situation at the location of the rain fell with moderate rainfall intensity. Therefore, according to Jokowi, nighttime is the right time to fix the broken levee construction.

Barriers to completion of the dike repair work, according to Jokowi because it is still done manually. It had to be done because the procurement of heavy equipment prevented flooding.

Overview embankment BKB Jokowi to occur only about 15 minutes, and then he went back to his official residence not far from the site, in the park Suropati 7.

BKB is known breached levees since 10.00 am. Breached levees along the 30 meters on a side street Latuharhary, Central Jakarta. As a result of collapse of dikes, water provided BKB melimpas, poured into Jalan Teluk Betung and Tosari. The flow of water will get to Jalan Thamrin and Jalan Sudirman. The dike burst soaking railway station direction to Tanah Abang and Manggarai. As a result, trains Tanah Abang-Depok, Tanah Abang-Manggarai, can not operate.

Additionally levee collapse also impacted on Jalan Teluk Betung towards Tosari, behind the Hotel Indonesia roundabout, Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Thamrin are inundated with water.

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