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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Food tempeh and tofu makers go bankrupt, because the price of soybean imports continue to climb

 tofu makers
Food tempeh and tofu makers go bankrupt, because the price of soybean imports continue to climb

Imported soybean prices continue to climb as are affected by the recent depreciation of the rupiah this is happening. The retail price of imported soybean has reached a superior kind 10,000 per kg, the usual soy Rp.9500

One of the traders in the market Legi Solo, Pardi, said the price of imported soybeans higher today. He got a supply of soybeans imported from Semarang.

Soybean imports more expensive Rp500 per kg compared to local soybean. The difference is the larger size of soybean imports. Local soybean prices also followed the rising price of imported soybeans, although not so much.
"Local Soybeans are also high costs per kg Rp8.750 to Rp9.500 her. Yet current stock is also limited because the harvest season yet," he said at the Market Legi Solo, Saturday (08/22/2013),

Moreover, the artisans tempeh and soya is still heavily dependent on imported soybeans. Local farmers are still not able to meet local needs for entrepreneurs soybean soybean processing this.

These conditions also have an impact on businesses in the tempeh and soya Bengawan City. A number of traders began to anticipate an increase in the price of imported soybeans.

Business owners making tempeh, soy Sudarmi said prices are now up on the previous Rp9.500 during Lebaran, Rp 7,500 per kilogram. "We and other crafters tempeh clearly more difficult," said Sudarmi.

Crafters tempeh which started in 2000 when he found it difficult to raise prices also tempeh consequently reduced buyer. "If the price is raised, the buyer can run, and that certainly turnover dropped to 15 percent," he said.

"Because of the high price of imported soybean, also reduced the amount purchased, if we are using Java soybean (local) small grain, soybeans and quickly import large grain quality soft feel better despite use of local soybean soybean. Besides, the price is not much different," he explained.

 Crafters know Purwogondo, Kartasura outcry to the high price of raw materials soybean. Price increase from the previous high of Rp 6,700 per kilogram to Rp 8,700 per kilogram to Rp 9,000 per kilogram. This increase raises concerns out of production and make the business closed.

"Sayakhawatir forward and tofu would be expensive foods such as beef today. Menginggat material for production of soy is not able to be purchased crafters because it is expensive," said one of the crafters know, Sukasno (40) Purwogondo resident RT 03 RW 01, Kartasura encountered place of business, Monday (26/08/2013).

Sukasno admitted in Purwogondo, Kartasura in history there are hundreds of tofu. But over the months, the number of artisans continue to decline. Even for the current number of people living alone dozens. Therefore, the increase in raw material prices produki to make out the form of soy make crafters outcry. Because crafters assess the government can not protect small businesses especially small micro and medium enterprises (SMEs).

In fact, the word tofu Sukasno Purwogondo Kartasura been a strong protest to the streets. This action is done even with close access roads at the intersection of three Kartasura monument. "From the beginning until now craving tofu soybean prices here at cheap and easy to get in order to continue production runs. But where in fact there is absolutely no concern of permintah central and local levels," he added.

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