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Thursday, August 29, 2013

U.S. and Western allies ready to assault Syria , Russia sent warships

 Russia sent warships
U.S. and Western allies ready to assault Syria , Russia sent warships

Russia reportedly plans to send two warships to the Mediterranean to strengthen its military presence in the region because " the situation is already known together " . Interfax news agency reported on Thursday ( 29/08/2013 ) .

Interfax quoted a source as saying army warship and anti - submarine assault ship will arrive in the Mediterranean within the next few days .

If it was Russia sent warships to the Mediterranean , it is likely that they will meet with U.S. warships on alert in the region that is now the same .

Alerting at least four U.S. warships in the Mediterranean in anticipation of a military plan to attack Syria .

Throughout the Syrian armed conflict that has lasted more than two years , Russia is known to be one powerful ally Bashar al - Assad's regime in addition to China and Iran .

In the midst of escalating conflict , Russia still supplying missile - known anti -aircraft missiles to the Syrian military S300 , on the pretext of sending it as part of the agreement that had long since been signed .

Russian support back looks after the incident in Ghouta chemical weapons attack near the capital Damascus last week .

In the U.S. and its allies as well as Middle Eastern countries accuse Syrian regime of being behind the brutal attack , again Russia believes the perpetrator is not a chemical weapon attack Syrian government .

In fact , when the discourse of a military attack on Syria intensified, Russia remained adamant defense of Syria and warned of the impact of a military attack on the stability of the Middle East in general .

As of Wednesday ( 08/28/2013 ) night in the U.S., President Barack Obama did not ordered his troops to attack Syria .

However , if Obama finally beating the drums of war , any military equipment that will be used the U.S. and its allies ?
Western troops will certainly not directly hold ground attack . Initial attack would presumably be done by firing missiles from warships are already on alert in the Mediterranean today.

Furthermore , the U.S. has enough warships and aircraft in the Middle East and some other locations that could be used to hold a limited military strike .

While U.S. allies such as Britain and France will support with their own weapons such as missiles Scalp / Storm developed these two countries .

The following line of equipment that will be used the U.S. military to attack Syria :


The U.S. has four destroyers in the Mediterranean , the USS GRAVELY , USS Barry , USS Rampage , and USS Mahan . Each warship can carry Tomahawk missiles 90-96 .

However , the number of weapons that can be carried by the four ships is very depending on the type of weapons and systems needed .

Tomahawk is likely to be the top choice because it has a cruising range of 1,000 kilometers and can be used to shoot targets in Syria in a very safe distance .


The U.S. currently has 58 submarines with Tomahawk missile launch capability , including four submarines specifically designed to be capable of carrying up to 154 missiles .

The U.S. Navy did not provide information where the submarines , but one or two submarines could be deployed in a short time if ordered .


A row of B - 1 bomber , B - 2 and B - 52 with the ability to carry air-to- ground bombs conventionally ready to be deployed when needed .

These bombers can fly directly from their bases in the U.S. or elsewhere .

aircraft carrier

The aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman is now in the Arabian Sea and the USS Nimitz was sailing in the Indian Ocean . Fighter aircraft from both carriers can be deployed to attack Syria .

However , it seems the carriers are not going to be used in military operations into Syria . Therefore , the use of aircraft carriers require a more complex military operations .

U.S. must destroy Syrian air defense system before sending warplanes from both the carrier to Syria .

USS Nimitz experienced support U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and will be replaced by the USS Harry Truman .

Amphibious warfare ships

USS Kearsage just finished docked at a port in the Gulf region and is ready to return to duty . The ship was transporting U.S. Marines .

However , this ship will not join in a limited military operation in Syria .

U.S. air base

The U.S. has a number of air bases in several areas that could support military operations in Syria .

However , the deployment of additional troops from various bases is also apparently will not be required .

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