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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Military Egypt also butcher its highest leader Muslim Brotherhood

Mohamed Badie
Military Egypt also butcher its highest leader Muslim Brotherhood

Ammar Badie, sons of supreme leader Muslim Brotherhood (IM) Mohamed Badie bullet shot dead by the security forces when demonstrated in Ramses Square, yesterday. The deaths Ikwal Ammar enshrined in social networks Facebook Justice Party and the release. This Party is political wing IM.

Mohamed Badie accused at the demonstration one of the dalangs ended anarchic in Egypt. The Court against him will be held on August 25, 2013.

Previously, in the past week, a daughter officers IM, Mohamed El-Betagi also died in a demonstration group supporting President Mohammad Mursi that be reshuffled last month, paper AP on Saturday (8/17/2013).

Meanwhile, according to National television news from Egypt, a senior IM named Hassan Malek also was arrested by authorities.

Besides Malek, was also arrested Gamal Heshmat. Info about the arrest came from Alliance Anti-coup d'etat. Heshmat was a leading member Justice Party and the release.

Indonesian Ambassador to Egypt Nurfaizi Suwandi asked the state of Indonesia (Indonesian nationals) which is located in the country to remain on alert, following political and security situation made worse. So far the condition Indonesian citizens safe.

This was expressed by Nurfaizi pounded Indonesian Independence Day celebration, on Saturday (8/17/2013).  The importance of protecting He said, communication and teamwork between Indonesian citizens in Egypt, and continues to maintain contact with us.

Nurfaizi said, the Embassy continue to open channels and assign hotline, Indonesian Embassy staff Cairo to the regions to assist Indonesian citizens.

He also reminded the Indonesian citizens to be always brought self-identity if out of the house, and keeping curfew as long as it is put into effect. In addition,, Indonesian citizens are urged to to comply with Government regulation Egypt and not be involved in domestic affairs Egypt, in order to salvation Indonesian citizens.
Indonesian citizens are also expected to give the correct information to the family or his colleagues in the water in order to calm together.

The Embassy Cairo, Saturday (8/17/2013), to carry out the ceremony of flag in celebrating the moments of the proclamation 17 August, in the middle of situation political turmoil in Egypt.

The Indonesian Embassy staff and a number Indonesia in Cairo is enthusiastic visited the Embassy Cairo, although some access roads are closed since riots that occurred in Egypt in 14-August 16, 2013. The road users have to take the path that further and must pass through some checkpoints military posts and by the police.

Nurfaizi also said that as a friend who hoped that Egypt, Indonesia to overcome the problem is that Egypt could immediately in a manner. Besides that, if it wants Egypt, Indonesia is ready to provide input in an effort to pass the time is full of challenges.

He also stressed, in principle Indonesia will keep good relations with Egypt, anyone still respect their leader, with high interest and their people.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty Natalegawa ensure all Indonesian citizens in Egypt safe. Some Indonesian nationals are placed in offices in Indonesian representatives from Egypt.

"We continue to monitor and we make sure that people in Indonesia in good condition. But, it does not mean there were no great challenges," said Marty after the ceremony Anniversary of the Independence Day 68 Indonesian Independence Day in the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Saturday (8/17/2013).
Marty said, based on observation in Indonesian diplomatic missions RI, have not required to evacuate Indonesian citizens. Only, said Marty, his side appealed that there is no longer Indonesian nationals who visit to Egypt.

"I am still received the report there were the tourists who are still go to Egypt, come to Cairo. In fact, I also heard there is a rally volunteers to Egypt. I think it was not appropriate. If we want to help fund, and others, isn't it means there is a more accurate, for example through Red Cross," said Marty.

Previously, the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has instructed to representatives of Indonesia in Egypt to keep all Indonesian citizens in Egypt. President also asked all Indonesian citizens not to intervene and decide where any party. What is happening there is an islamic country Egypt.

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