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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Muslims have experienced humiliation, what's the solution?

Muslims have experienced humiliation, what's the solution?

In Indonesia humiliation has befallen the Muslims, the dai (preacher) who was already a lot to ask for payment rates between Rp 20 million to Rp-100 million (such as board statement Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in a discussion on television, we watched a lot of poor people queuing up groceries at the temple (temple), where only the rich Muslims?

\ In Egypt Muslims massacred the military regime and the democratic rights extinguished, without help from other countries, they are left to struggle alone, in Syria's people every day slamnya killed, including women and children were slain soldier anal Assad regime with chemical weapons.

In France, the oppressed people of Islamic faith, since the enactment of laws - laws banning the use of the hijab (headscarf) for other Muslim women, not to mention Muslims in China who hold atheistic communist regime repressed and suppressed the majority of the other tribes, and many people are still mungkain others are humiliated Islam.

Solution To Eradicate The Override humiliation People

Muslim cleric Abu Isma'il al-Atsari

Allah Almighty sent the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam with guidance and the religion of truth. Therefore, Allah Ta'ala win this religion over all other religions, even though the disbelievers dislike. Then, as time and time away from the prophetic era, the Muslims away from their religion of truth. Many cases are not regarded as religious faith. Similarly, lack of knowledge and practice the spirit of Islam has happened to a lot of these people. So it is not strange, Allah Ta'ala inflicted humiliation on the people. Humiliation that will not go away so they returned to his religion.

But at this time, back to the Islamic religion of truth, it is not possible except with tashfiyah and tarbiyah.

Tashfiyah (purification) is, purify Islam in all fields of all things strange and far away from him. Tarbiyah (coaching) is, fostering generations of Islam in this era emerging with a purified Islam. [1]

If you look at the state of the Muslims with the view of the Islamic religion, then we will find the people that suffer the condition. These circumstances, is already preached by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

First. Muslims afflicted wahn (weak), love the world and fear of death.

عن ثوبان قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يوشك الأمم أن تداعى عليكم كما تداعى الأكلة إلى قصعتها فقال قائل ومن قلة نحن يومئذ قال بل أنتم يومئذ كثير ولكنكم غثاء كغثاء السيل ولينزعن الله من صدور عدوكم المهابة منكم وليقذفن الله في قلوبكم الوهن فقال قائل يا رسول الله وما الوهن قال حب الدنيا وكراهية الموت

Of Tsauban, he said: "The Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said," Almost nations (unbelievers) invite each other to fight you, as the people who will eat a large plate toward each other invited them, "Someone asked: "What caused us at least a day of it?" He replied: "No, even in that day a lot, but you froth (scum), like the froth (scum) flood., And Allah will eliminate any fear (fear) of the chest (heart) your enemies against you., And Allah will inflict wahn (weakness) in your hearts, "Someone asked:" O Messenger of Allah, whether wahn it? " He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam replied: "Love the world and fear of death". [2]

About this hadith, Shaykh Salim bin 'Id al-Hilali-Hafizhahullah-explain the content of this noble hadith: "That the Muslims have a desire to make the world's largest and a peak of knowledge. Therefore, they also hate death and love life, because they build the world, but not armed to the afterlife ". [3]

Second. Dakhan (cloudy / dark), heretic, the enemy from within, despicable people talk about religion.

عن حذيفة بن اليمان يقول كان الناس يسألون رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم عن الخير وكنت أسأله عن الشر مخافة أن يدركني فقلت يا رسول الله إنا كنا في جاهلية وشر فجاءنا الله بهذا الخير فهل بعد هذا الخير من شر قال نعم قلت وهل بعد ذلك الشر من خير قال نعم وفيه دخن قلت وما دخنه قال قوم يهدون بغير هديي تعرف منهم وتنكر قلت فهل بعد ذلك الخير من شر قال نعم دعاة إلى أبواب جهنم من أجابهم إليها قذفوه فيها قلت يا رسول الله صفهم لنا فقال هم من جلدتنا ويتكلمون بألسنتنا قلت فما تأمرني إن أدركني ذلك قال تلزم جماعة المسلمين وإمامهم قلت فإن لم يكن لهم جماعة ولا إمام قال فاعتزل تلك الفرق كلها ولو أن تعض بأصل شجرة حتى يدركك الموت وأنت على ذلك

Of Hudzaifah bin Al-Yaman, he said: "In the past people used to ask the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam about kindness, but I asked about the evils for fear it would happen to me. I asked,' O Messenger of Allah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, before we are in the time of ignorance and evil, then Allah brought this goodness to us, then after this goodness is there evil? ' He replied, "Yes." I asked, 'And what after this ugliness is no good?' He replied, 'Yes, but to him there dakhan (darkness, turbidity).' I asked, 'What dakhannya?' He replied, 'A people that give clues to the clues apart. Thou know them, but you deny.' I asked, 'So after this goodness is there evil?' He replied, 'Yes, that is the preachers who are above the doors of Jahannam. Whoever receives them towards the Jahannam, they threw him into Jahannam.' I said, 'O Messenger of Allah sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam, describe their properties to us! ' He replied, 'They're out of our skin. They speak our language.' I asked, 'What did you say to me, if the situation happen to me?' The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam replied,' Thou fulfill jama'atul Muslims and their imam. ' I said, 'If they do not have a congregation and priest?' He said, 'Leave everything firqah-firqah, though you bite stump, until death do pick you up, while you in such circumstances.' "[4]

Shaikh Salim bin 'Id al-Hilali-Hafizhahullah-explained, that dakhan (turbidity) the first is heresy. He said, "Truly this was an aberration dakhan about the methodology of the Prophet of truth, who formerly led the goodness haqiqi, then it makes bad dakhan white road, the night like noon. Did not our Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,' A people who provide clues to the clues apart. thou know them, but you deny '. "

This is the origin of the disease and the root of the disaster, which deviate from the Sunnah in the methodology of the problem, and turn away from the direction of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in behavior and practice. It thus becomes clear that the fouled dakhan goodness, muddying the source and change the freshness, innovation-innovation that is overseeing the heads of the nests of the Mu'tazilah, Shufiyah, jahmies, Khawarij, Asha'ira, Murji 'ah, and Rawafidh, since several centuries to find the error, so do the irregularities, forgery, and ta'wil ". [5]

In another hadith, the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam warned of strife the people, solutions, and warnings of heresy. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

أوصيكم بتقوى الله والسمع والطاعة وإن عبدا حبشيا فإنه من يعش منكم بعدي فسيرى اختلافا كثيرا فعليكم بسنتي وسنة الخلفاء المهديين الراشدين تمسكوا بها وعضوا عليها بالنواجذ وإياكم ومحدثات الأمور فإن كل محدثة بدعة وكل بدعة ضلالة

I wasiatkan to you to fear Allah; hear and obey (the ruler of the Muslims), though a slave Ethiopia. For verily, whosoever live after me, he will see that many a dispute. Then it is obligatory for you to cling to my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the caliphs who get directions and straight. Hold and gigitlah with molars. Stay away from all new cases (in religion), because of all the new cases (in religion) is an innovation, and every innovation is misguidance. [6]

THUS decline of Islam
Indeed the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has reported several events that will befall these people, including their setbacks and are the cause. Then things happen and even then, as has been reported. This all is a clear evidence of the apostolic Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. In the hadith we mean is as below.

عن ثوبان قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم إن الله زوى لي الأرض أو قال إن ربي زوى لي الأرض فرأيت مشارقها ومغاربها وإن ملك أمتي سيبلغ ما زوي لي منها وأعطيت الكنزين الأحمر والأبيض وإني سألت ربي لأمتي أن لا يهلكها بسنة بعامة ولا يسلط عليهم عدوا من سوى أنفسهم فيستبيح بيضتهم وإن ربي قال لي يا محمد إني إذا قضيت قضاء فإنه لا يرد ولا أهلكهم بسنة بعامة ولا أسلط عليهم عدوا من سوى أنفسهم فيستبيح بيضتهم ولو اجتمع عليهم من بين أقطارها أو قال بأقطارها حتى يكون بعضهم يهلك بعضا وحتى يكون بعضهم يسبي بعضا وإنما أخاف على أمتي الأئمة المضلين وإذا وضع السيف في أمتي لم يرفع عنها إلى يوم القيامة ولا تقوم الساعة حتى تلحق قبائل من أمتي بالمشركين وحتى تعبد قبائل من أمتي الأوثان وإنه سيكون في أمتي كذابون ثلاثون كلهم ​​يزعم أنه نبي وأنا خاتم النبيين لا نبي بعدي ولا تزال طائفة من أمتي على الحق قال ابن عيسى ظاهرين ثم اتفقا لا يضرهم من خالفهم حتى يأتي أمر الله

Of Tsauban, he said: the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Verily, Allah-Rabbku-assemble earth for me, so I looked east and the western world. And indeed the power of my people will come to the part of the earth be gathered for me. And I was given two treasure stash in red and white. And verily I beg Rabbku to my people, that He would not destroy my people with famine equitable, and that He does not make enemies of them master their addition, so that the enemy will seize their area. Dan Rabbku actually said to me: 'O Muhammad, verily if I have set up a decision, then it will not be denied. And I will not destroy them (your people) with equal famine. And I'm not going to make enemies of them master their addition, so The enemy will seize their areas, although the enemy gathered from various corners of the earth, until most of them (your people) destroyed most of the others, and to most of them (your people) makes most of the other prisoners'. fact that I'm worried about my people are priests (role models) are misleading. And if the sword had been dropped (placed) in among my people, that sword will not be lifted from my Ummah until the Day of Judgment. And when the Hour will not come, until the tribes of my people join people polytheists and until tribes of my people worship idols. And indeed among my Ummah will appear 30 liars, all claiming that he was a prophet. while I cover the Prophets. There is no prophet after me. And always there were a bunch of people from my Ummah on the truth-Ibn 'Isa said: they won their menyelisihi people that will not harm them, until the command of God to come ". [7]

With a bad state due to away from the religion of Allah, then the state of this people is not going to be good, except the back towards the religion. This solution is not the ijtihad of scholars who ijtihad, nor the ideas of an expert fikir, but this solution is the provision Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Then all opinions that are contrary to the texts Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam was rejected. Because he has to explain the solution to the glory of this people, as in the following hadith:

عن ابن عمر قال سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول: إذا تبايعتم بالعينة وأخذتم أذناب البقر ورضيتم بالزرع وتركتم الجهاد سلط الله عليكم ذلا لا ينزعه حتى ترجعوا إلى دينكم (د 3462, الصحيحة 11)

From Ibn 'Umar, he said: I heard the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said: "If you were buying and selling 'inah (sort of usury), you hold cows tails, you are satisfied with the crop, and you leave Jihad, (then) surely Allah will bring disgrace to you, He will not eliminate the humiliation, so you're back to your religion ". [8]

How at this time to return to the Islam of truth? The real effort is not possible, except with tashfiyah and tarbiyah. How to apply and tarbiyah tashfiyah?

Shaikh Ali bin Hasan Al-Halabi-Hafizhahullah-mentioned examples of areas that need to get tashfiyah, namely: 1) 'Aqeedah, 2) arbitrate, 3) sunnah, 4) jurisprudence, 5) interpretation, 6) Tazkiyah, 7) thoughts , 8) chronicle, 9) Da'wah, and 10) Arabic.

He explains clearly related to these fields. Tashfiyah course is conducted by the scholars who have established their knowledge. As for the Muslim community, they ittiba 'with explanations scholars. And lo, scholars rabbaniyin will remain there until the end of time, as desired by God. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

يحمل هذا العلم من كل خلف عدوله: ينفون عنه تحريف الغالين وتأويل الجاهلين و إنتحال المبطلين

This religious knowledge will be taken by the people who trusted in every generation, they will refuse tahrif (change) done by the people who cross the line; ta'wil (deviation sense) made by stupid people, and lies carried out by people who do falsehood [9].

The scholars say, is meant by "the people who trusted" in this hadith, hadith scholars are scholars in every age. And every age will not be empty of them, as the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam:

لا يزال من أمتي أمة قائمة بأمر الله لا يضرهم من خذلهم ولا من خالفهم حتى يأتيهم أمر الله وهم على ذلك

Will continue to be a group of people from my Ummah, who enforce affairs (commandments) of God (in another narration: they win on the truth), people who do not help them and that menyelisihi they will not harm them. They remain on it (enforce affairs [command] in the truth of God), God's command to come (ie: wind coming that will kill them before the coming of the Day of Judgement). "[10]

Then people fostered by Islam, which had been purified in its area. Included in this issue, namely choosing the books mu'tabar (reliable) as reference in taking science and teaching.

Then science has taught ditashfiyah and should be practiced, so that it will produce good fruit of the efforts that have been deployed.

Shaykh Abdur-Rahman ibn Yahya Al-Mu'allimi rahimahullah said, "People who know Islam and sincere to him has many expressed, that the weaknesses and setbacks that befell Muslims simply because the Muslims away from the essence of Islam. And I saw, that it back to the three cases. Firstly, instead of mixing the religion of Islam with that of religion. Secondly, lack of confidence in the case which includes part of the religion. Thirdly, the Muslims do not practice religious laws.

Based on (problems that afflict), then knowing the correct adab-adab as taught by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in terms of worship and mu'amalah, Mukim and bersafar, get along with others and alone, movement and silence, get up and sleep, eating and drinking, talking and silent, and the other related to human life, by trying to implement them according to ability, (then) it is the only cure for these diseases. For indeed, many of adab-adab is easy for the soul. So, if a person who is easy for her practice of adab-adab that, by leaving the menyelisihinya, insha Allah soon (again) he wanted to add, so hopefully not pass a certain age, unless he has become a role model for others in trouble The.

By following the instructions of the Prophet's straight, and morals with the sublime morality, although to a certain extent, the heart will shine, will loose chest, the soul will be calm, so that a deep faith, and practice to be good. If a lot of people who pursue this path, no longer the diseases will disappear, if God wills ". [11]

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-'Alamin.

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[Copied from the Sunnah Edition magazine 04/Tahun XI/1428/2007M. Publishers Foundation Lajnah Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo-Solo Purwodadi Gondangrejo Km.8 Selokaton 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]


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