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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The civil war was still raging in syria

Chemical weapon victims in Syria
The civil war was still raging in syria

Fierce battle on Thursday ( 06/06/2013 ) , still takes place between Syrian government troops and rebel forces along the border with Israel .

UN peacekeepers who served in the Golan demilitarized zone confirmed the shootout at a stop along the crossfire between Israel and Syria since 1967 .

Previously rumored rebel forces seized an important border gate near the old town of Quneitra in the Golan Heights . Now , amid Syrian government forces tried to retake the strategic position .

This development makes the Israeli government is increasingly worried that the unstable region fell into the hands of militant groups who fought against the regime of Bashar al - Assad in Syria .

Israel is concerned , they controlled Golan since 1967 will be the entrance to the militant attacks that Jewish land area from the direction of Syria .

In May, the Israeli military warned President Assad Syria would face consequences if it again attacked Israel in the region near the border with Syria .

 The Israeli government , on Thursday ( 29/08/2013 ) , ordered the mobilization of reserve forces in a small amount to face the possibility of Western military attacks into Syria .

In addition , Israel is also strengthening its missile defense system to anticipate the various possibilities . Similarly, a number of Israeli government source told Reuters .

In a cabinet meeting, an Israeli official said Syria would likely attack the Jewish state was not too big .

"In terms of security preparations today, so far there is no reason to change the current situation normal . We just preparing various scenarios , " Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement .

Preparation is Netanyahu is calling a small number of reserve troops and the deployment of missile defense systems in the northern region of the country.

Israel Radio said the government has approved the mobilization of several hundred men of intelligence and air defense .

Meanwhile , Israeli army radio reported , preparing all the military -owned weapons systems , including Iron Dome , Patriot medium-range missiles , and the Arrow II missile remote .

 UN Secretary General , Ban Ki -moon on Sunday ( 11/11 ) , called on Israel and Syria to ease tensions in the disputed border in the Golan Heights amid warnings that the conflict in Syria could spread .

Israel to release a number of warning shots into Syria after a mortar from the Syrian side of the Golan hit Israeli territory , officials said .

" Secretary-General deeply concerned by the escalation of potential , " said UN spokesman Martin Nesirky . " He asked for restraint " and urged both sides to uphold the 1974 agreement that set neighbor ceasefire and guarded demilitarized zone that the UN forces .

Syria and Israel must stop " shoot anything " that crossed the ceasefire line , added Ban , who has made repeated warnings that Syria's conflict that has lasted 20 months could escalate into a battle with a number of neighboring countries, namely Israel , Lebanon and Turkey .

Ban was "concerned " by reports of fighting between the forces of President Bashar al - Assad and opposition rebels in the demilitarized zone on the Golan , the spokesman said . According to the UN , there were no casualties civilians or UN personnel were reported .

The senior officers in the UN Disengagement Observer Force ( UNDOF ) has demanded the Syrian army to withdraw from the zone , UN officials said .

The civil war is heating up in Syria finally made ​​Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke. As news ISNA on Wednesday ( 08/28/2013 ) , Khamenei asserted that the U.S. invaded Syria , disastrous results!

Khamenei further explain the U.S. attack would provoke a reaction from the countries of the Middle East region . It may be that more widespread resistance to the U.S. .

In a statement before meeting with the Iranian cabinet , Khamenei also said that the Middle East like a barrel of gunpowder . " The future can not be predicted in the Middle East if something happens , " he warned .

 Navy ( AL ) Russian states do not participate in the plan of evacuation of Russian citizens from Syria . Itar - Tass on Wednesday ( 28/08/2013 ) , the statement also said that the Russian Navy was also closely linked to the evacuation of the Commonwealth of Nations Russian ( CIS ) .

" We had to evacuate by sea since a year ago , " said a statement released by the Syrian Navy General Staff .

Well , because that's already performing the task , the Russian Navy has another consideration this year . " Now all that remains is a Russian naval support staff in Tartus , " the institution said .

Evacuation of the employees about it , prepare Russian Navy ships PM - 138 . Later , the ship will be escorted civilian Russian warships that served in the Mediterranean Sea to the neutral waters towards Russia .


Meanwhile , the Russian Emergencies Ministry sends again a Ilyusin plane ( Il ) -62 to bring the citizens of Russia and CIS of Latakia , Syria . Women's ministry spokeswoman , Irina Rossius inform the media on Wednesday .

Yesterday , the Russian government transport 89 citizens from Syria back to Russia . Of that total , 75 of whom have Russian passports . " Most of our residents are evacuated women and children , " said Rossius .

Concerning Syria , Russia reiterated that a political solution is essential for the complete particulars of the civil war

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