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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

United States , France and Britain prepared to attack Syria

Chemical weapon victims in Syria
United States , France and Britain prepared to attack Syria

United States ruled out a unilateral strike against Syria and conferring with allies about the possibility of punishment attacks , which can last more than a day , officials said on Wednesday that superpower .

"Any military action would not be unilateral . Was going to include transnational partners , " said the government official , who spoke on condition of anonymity , told reporters , according to AFP .

Attacks against Syria , if ordered , to go beyond one day , the official said , " The choice is not limited to one day . "

In the midst of news of England and France will join in the possibility of the attack , U.S. officials refused to respond to whether the action using cruise missiles and fighter aircraft have entered Syrian airspace .

" We are exploring every option , " the official said .

The official response to the latest marking President Barack Obama and U.S. allies to move towards an attack against Syria over alleged use of chemical weapons by the government of the restive country . However , the statement is more backward than before , which suggests the superpower will attack Syria .

Obama aide talks with Turkey , Jordan and other partners regarding the emergency plan in preparation for retaliatory measures against the Syrian government in the superpower leaders , the official said .

Washington saw the possibility of a response , the impact of such attacks , he said .

" The Syrian government might use chemical weapons again . I think you do not ignore it , " the official said .

But , if you do not attack Damascus , the United States would send a dangerous signal to other authorities with chemical weapons , including North Korea , " the official said .

Obama aide still working to determine the exact purpose of every opportunity interference , another government official said .

The purpose of the attack is likely to hinder the government of President Bashar Assad's use of chemical weapons and reduce the ability to do it again , the official said .

Assad's government warned that Washington would intervene , but the United States is prepared for the possibility of retaliation Syria or its allies , he said .

" We believe we can overcome any retaliation or response from the Syrian foreign players, including Iran or Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon , he said .

 Prime Minister Wael al - Halqi on Wednesday said Syria would be a " grave attackers " if foreign troops to intervene .

He also accused the West of seeking ways excuse to launch an attack , AFP reported .

Syria will give a surprise to the attackers , as happened in the 1973 Yom Kippur war , when Arab armies leave Israel off guard , and became " the attackers grave " , he said .

" The threat of colonial Western powers do not make us afraid , because the Syrian people have the determination , that is not going to stay silent if insulted , " said Halqi as quoted by state television .

Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Muqdad , meanwhile , said that the West has been pushing the anti - government rebels for using poison gas and at the same time blaming the government as an excuse to launch an act of Western interference .

" Terrorist groups using sarin gas in a number of areas in this country ... to get a boost from the U.S. , Britain and France , " he told reporters .

" Encouragement Western countries should be stopped because the defending these terrorists ... these groups will soon be directing chemical weapons against the people of Europe . "

Mugqdad issued the statement after a meeting with UN envoy disarmament affairs , Angela Kane .

Kane is the head of the UN weapons inspection team that has been in Syria since August 18 .

Syrian ambassador to the United Nations , Bashar al - Jaafari , told the state news agency SANA that the rebels have used chemical weapons to invite intervention from the West .

Halqi also accused the West "fabricating " reasons for military action against Syria over deadly chemical attack last week , where the rebels and the government fault mutual recrimination against each other .

" Western countries , starting with the United States , looking for scenarios and false excuse to intervene militarily in Syria , " said the Syrian Prime Minister .

 Secretary- General of United Nations Ban Ki - moon said on Wednesday , the UN inspectors take overall during the four days in completing the investigation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria .

" The mandate and responsibilities at this time is to run a thorough and complete investigation , " Ban told reporters in The Hague .

" Let them ( the inspectors ) to complete their duties within four days , " he said , while addressing a centenary commemoration where Peace Palace , home to the International Court of Justice (ICJ ) , which is the highest court of the United Nations .

UN Secretary-General added that the facts found by the inspection team will then be analyzed and the results will be submitted to the UN Security Council as a material to determine " any action that they will take " .

UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said Ban mention the time it takes is for four days .

It shows that the inspectors , who began their investigation on Monday at the locations where the alleged use of chemical weapons - but their task suspended on Tuesday , will take at least until Friday to complete their work .

Ban 's statement comes as the U.S. and its allies are building their position for doing military action against the Syrian government over alleged chemical weapons attacks - in the middle of a stern warning from Russia .

Secretary-General Ban Ki -moon earlier urged a divided Security Council to unite and find a diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict increases .

" Syria is the biggest challenge for the world to this time concerning war and peace . Council which has the task of maintaining international peace and security do not disappear , " said Ban , referring to the Security Council .

" Council should at least find unity to act , should use its authority to ( maintain ) peace , " Ban said .

"The people of Syria are entitled to a settlement , not silence , " he said .

" We have to find every possible effort to bring forward the relevant parties to the negotiating table , " he said .

He also warned that any move in terms of supplying weapons to one of the parties in Syria will only make things worse .

" To those who supply weapons to any parties , we must question : what has been achieved in addition to the weapons that more bloodshed ?

" Logic military has put a country on the verge of total collapse , the situation in the region into chaos and led to a global threat . Why should continue to add fuel and ignited a fire ? "

Ban said all perpetrators of chemical attacks will be tried , but the facts about it must first be ascertained .

UN inspectors had been " collecting valuable samples " and interviews with victims and witnesses since they arrived in the torn country .

" They need time to carry out their duties , " said Ban .

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