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Monday, March 31, 2014

Debris from the plane that allegedly turns Malaysian Fishing Equipment

Debris from the plane that allegedly turns Malaysian Fishing Equipment

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott - whose country is now leading the search for the missing jet Malaysia since March 8 - said he did not set a deadline for the search of the plane .

Officials say the debris is visible and is expected as a promising clue on board the Malaysia Airlines , it is a fishing equipment .

In recent weeks , satellites and aircraft search has announced the location of hundreds of debris expected loss of a team of investigators Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft could be used to track the whereabouts of the aircraft . But so far they have not managed to find the debris or any object from the missing plane .

On Monday ( 31/3 ) - a fleet of 11 ships - including seven of Chinese ships and 10 aircraft , to explore an area of ​​254,000 square kilometers in the Indian Ocean . Search team reported several more objects identified as a promising lead .

Despite the frustration , the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott - a press conference in Perth on Monday - saying no set time limit to find the plane .

" I certainly did not set a time limit searches . We owe a duty to the families of the passengers , to any person of air travel , the countries whose citizens were on the plane that was lost , to the world during the past three weeks transfixed by this mystery , to everyone who does anything that makes sense in this search effort , and therefore we will continue to search in the coming days , "said Abbott .

Tony Abbott added intensity this operation continues to increase despite the challenges and the magnitude of the operation which he calls the " tremendous effort difficult " .

Malaysian Defense Minister Hishamuddin Hussein said Monday he will travel to Hawaii this week to meet U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and discuss the search effort . He also will talk with its partners - ASEAN defense ministers - in Honolulu .

The Malaysian government says they are working with Australia to form a new Joint Agency Coordination Center led by retired Australian air force chief of staff , who will coordinate the efforts of the international search of Pearce air base in Perth - Australia .

A boat carrying a special tool detector plane's black boxes is expected to arrive in the area on Thursday . The team of investigators hope that if they can bring the device close enough to the aircraft flight recorder , the device will detect the signal and the searchers will be able to determine the location of the main wreckage aircraft .

Twenty- six countries involved in the search operation MH370 Malaysian Airlines plane that disappeared from radar on March 8 while on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew . Most of the passengers , or about 154 people are citizens of China .

Family members of Chinese nationals protested loudly that the Malaysian way of handling the disaster situation .

But on Monday , the Chinese government newspaper " China Daily " published an editorial which appeared to soften the Chinese government 's official stance , saying people " should not be submerged in anger and for the families to accept the tragedy. The newspaper said the only thing to do now is to continue the search of the wreckage .VOA

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