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Monday, March 31, 2014

Russian PM Medvedev visited the Crimea , Russia's foreign minister urged the U.S. pull troops from the border with Ukraine

Russian PM Medvedev visited the Crimea , Russia's foreign minister urged the U.S. pull troops from the border with Ukraine

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Monday visited the Crimea .

AFP writes Medvedev as the first Russian leader to travel to the Black Sea region after Moscow took over the territory of Ukraine .

" I am in Simferopol . Today, the government will discuss the development of the Crimea , " Medvedev wrote on Twitter .

Medvedev arrived in the main city of Simferopol Crimea as chairman of the delegation who will lead the meeting on social and economic development of the Crimea after it joined Russia .

The Russian government said that Medvedev would discuss " issues of socio-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city at this time . "

He was accompanied by officials including Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov that I have a major influence .

Medvedev is also scheduled to visit Sevastopol , headquarters of the Russian Navy fleet in the Black Sea are based , according to RIA Novosti news agency .

 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Sunday called for Russia to withdraw its troops from the border with Ukraine , and said that any discussion about the country's future should include leaders of Kiev .

" We will not accept the next step where the legitimate government of Ukraine is not included in the negotiations . Principle is clear . No decision on Ukraine without Ukraine , " Kerry told reporters after nearly four hours of talks in Paris with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov .

He added that " real progress in Ukraine should include a very large withdrawal of Russian forces that exist today gathered along the border of Ukraine . "

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made ​​a change in the last minute over his plans Saturday to fly to Paris with the intention of setting up talks with Russian counterpart Foreign Minister Lavrov Sergia the Ukrainian crisis .

After leaving Riyadh on Saturday morning , the top U.S. diplomat had been due to fly back to Washington with a stop for refueling in Ireland , but then decided to go to Paris .

Russian President Vladimir Putin Friday contacted the U.S. counterpart Barack Obama said that he was keen to discuss the U.S. proposal at the bargaining table to resolve the impasse over Ukraine .

Obama instructed Kerry to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as soon as possible .

Kerry traveled to Paris Saturday " ahead dijadwalkannya meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov at the beginning of next week in Europe , " said the spokesman for the U.S. State Department Jen Psaki told reporters traveling with the chief U.S. diplomat .

" Secretary Kerry will also keep in close touch with the Ambassador ( Martin ) Indyk and his negotiating team in Jerusalem and Ramallah in the event of his return from Paris before a meeting of NATO . "

Lavrov said Saturday that Russia does not intend to instruct its armed forces to cross the border into Ukraine , and insisted that the differences between Moscow and the West increasingly narrowed .

Contact recently has shown an outline of " the possibility of a joint initiative that can be submitted to our colleagues in the Ukraine , " Lavrov said on Russian state television .

Kerry is also scheduled to attend a NATO meeting in Brussels Tuesday and then traveled to Algeria and Morocco in his first visit to the North African country as foreign minister .

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