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Thursday, December 26, 2013

10 Biggest Secrets Revealed Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

10 Biggest Secrets Revealed Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

NATIONAL | December 27 , 2013 09:44:42 | Viewed : 7 times
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Asatunews - Two days after Christmas 2013 gift special gift just came enliven the Christmas celebration this year of phenomenal twitter account @ triomacan2000 in the form of lectures twit as much as 49 points .

And not the Tigers their account name if it does not convey information that is normally extraordinarily hard to believe but it always proved later on .

The twitter account this morning with information that makes his heart attack , and more curious dazed , through the Tigers kultwit stubs and Fear 10 Secrets of Great President During His life .

Here's the full quote kultwit the Tigers :

1 . Eng Eeng ing ... do you know what are the things that become frightened SBY in his life ? That ' haunted ' aka SBY haunting life ?
2 . Do ever notice body language and behavior SBY day - the day ? Is SBY sifata or behaviors that reflect anxiety ?
3 . Consider baik2 . Look ... what stands out from the SBY ? We are not a psychoanalyst but still be able to judge the character of SBY
4 . Two things that really stand out and easily caught by the careful attention of the public is that SBY SBY NEVER LAUGH OFF
5 . SBY has never looked happier . Pleasure or happy of the display to the public : SLIGHT . SBY Why so ?
6 . Second , SBY often vent, COMPLAIN , Complaints , especially if there are issues or related news with him and his family .. why is that ?
7 . A SBY never upset / worried if the people suffer , there are hundreds of deaths disaster or accident , the Indonesian island annexed foreign
8 . The answer : because SBY has morbidly self and of belonging to the people of this nation . SBY orientation is more geared to personal and family
9 . SBY character as such is because SBY was depressed in his life . Agony . Why ? This is what we said skrg
10 . What is the biggest secret that makes SBY figure like that ? What is a scourge in life SBY ? That became his nightmare ?
11 . First : the largest and heaviest burden for SBY is about ISU or Rumors first marriage . Once it was revealed WKL chairman of the House
12 . Where Zaenal Maarif former vice chairman of the House who never uangkap to the press about the issues surrounding the SBY first marriage . It ? Missing? Dead ?
13 . Zaenal Maarif former PBR coriander , skrg not sound news story . Since talking to the press he pny evidence bhw know about marital status SBY
14 . Zaenal Maarif very loudly accused SBY first forge marital status and call SBY has 2 daughters , the result of the marriage
15 . After SBY Zaenal Maarif reported to the police , and after a ' lobi2 ' certain , zaenal who has bukti2 TSB admit , apologize .
16 . It is not known what happened next on Zaenal Maarif . Recently he even invited into the board so the Democratic Party in Solo
28 . 6 Issues to the most feared SBY is always a nightmare to the Bank Century corruption BO . Anyone who wants to be brushed said !
29 . Century BO issue is related also with the case of former Police Commissioner General Susno Duadji Kabareskrim . Skrg Susno imprisoned . He knows a lot hehe
30 . Susno Duadji Century BOB Team Leader Investigators also have data 3000 traksaksi illegal . Besides associated Century , also illegitimate election fund 09
31 . Secrets to the 7 most feared SBY is related Nazaruddin . Do you remember the cry Nazar : " Pak SBY , please jgn disturbed children / wife ? "
32 . When it neneng vows with his wife being held hostage in Kuala Lumpur . As collateral in order to run the scenario Nazar obedient Roxy Spore
33 . We sdh infokan via twitter know about Neng who were held hostage as collateral in order Nazar said corruption Cikeas ill and willing to malign anas
34 . We know about the deal Tweet This sdh Nazar - SBY in singapore , Choel Malarangeng act as power / messenger Cikeas . Ga believe anyway hehe
35 . We also never know about Neng Tweet This votive and children who were held hostage in KL Malaysia . But teman2 tuips in doubt anyway . A1 pdhl our info hehe
36 . Our first mention of SDH was corrupt Hambalang : andi , Choel , paul Nelwan , Cikeas etc. .. but more people believe fake news hehe
37 . Now when we proved twit , all sdh late . Hehe so sdh rice cassava . Choel big criminals can not be touched Commission hambalang
38 . For if Choel Malarangeng TSK made ​​by the Commission , will open all the secrets Choel foul Cikeas who knows . Cikeas DAY ! ! disperse
39 . Secret to - 8 most feared SBY is " engineered election results / election 2009". This is one factor why Antasari jailed
40 . Skrg all sdh late . Commission co-opted sdh palaces , such as through a trap case and sprindik Korlantas leak . Ga believe anyway hehe
41 . Our information is not legal information , not legal fact , but intelligence information . Half term .. cucok camp cook taste ? hehe
42 . Although intelligence , we are supported by the intelligence network of highly experienced senior -me spying in the world . accurate
43 . KPK skrg sdh like a lame duck . Lamb Duck . Samad , Bambang , Adnan , Zulkarnaen hostage with the threat of criminalization , so TSK anytime
44 . Chicken rice porridge sdh so . Ill be served in the restaurant field . Only for a breakfast . That is the fate of the Commission , far from expectation . Sob !
45 . Secret to - 9 highly feared SBY , haunted , horror is associated Sri Mulyani . Starting from the " Clothes Buttons " to BOB Century
46 . That's the reason why SMI cepat2 rushed to the World Bank through the lobby SBY to World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz when he met Yudhoyono in Bali
47 . Well .. skrg secret - 10 of SBY . The secret forced SBY should create many transfer issue : veil policewomen , big villain jatim etc.
48 . Secret SBY - 10 which makes SBY and Cikeas could wreck is MOTHER DAUGHTER SYLVIA Soleha aka Mrs. Pur , Purnomo D Rahardjo wife !
49 . Twit last , according to year of birth SBY .. I saw sorrow in his eyes , I pray thee my president saved the world hereafter .. ameen

Number kultwit Tigers were just 49 twit also raises a million questions , especially when asked why , the answer 49 twit account that indicates a big secret to SBY - 11 more ' terrible ' . What is the secret eleventh of the President ? We look forward to it if the Tigers would be willing to reveal to all his followers and the people of Indonesia . ( Joy/016 )

Source: http://www.asatunews.com/berita-16407-terungkap-10-rahasia-terbesar-sby.html

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