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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Michelle and Barack Obama is rumored Divorce ?

Michelle and Barack Obama is rumored Divorce ?

ASATUNEWS - An outstanding issue in various media virtual world , a rich businessman Donald Trump has reportedly found the divorce papers Michelle and Barack Obama . Is it true that a number of U.S. couples that have divorced ?

News of the divorce papers actually first appeared in a book that was launched earlier this year by Ed Klein . The White House denied it and said Klein has a history like making it up.

In the book titled ' The Amateur ' it , Klein claims Michelle has prepared divorce papers to split from her husband in 2000 , when Barack Chicago failed to win parliament seats .

Defeat Barack , according to Klein , Michelle made ​​her sick with her ​​husband risked a stable and secure future as a lawyer for the sake of ambition poltiknya . The book claims their marriage faltered .

In fact , Klein said Barack was depressed and a number of his friends feared he was about to commit suicide . Finally, Barack ran for Illinois State Senator and won .

Michelle was again supportive husband. Klein also wrote , former President Bill Clinton Barack label as an ' amateur ' . Clinton was immediately denied this .

Wealthy businessman United States ( U.S. ) Donald Trump that so long as a vocal supporter of the Republican Party , claimed to find divorce papers Michelle and Barack Obama
This recognition is expressed by Douglas Kass , a Florida-based investor who frequently appeared on CNBC television economy , Squawkbox . Trump also frequently appears on the show as a commentator .

" High above the Alps , Gnome I heard that Donald Trump will announce he found the President and his wife a certificate of divorce , " said Kass , via his Twitter account , @ DougKass .

Trump confirmed it by saying , he will announce something this week which is a great thing and can change the current presidential campaign Obama and rival presidential candidate Mitt Romney .
" It would be a great thing . To be sure , you all will cover it with a massive way , "said Trump , without giving details of the announcement of what he is going to say it .

When asked , a spokesman for Trump , Holly Lorenzo , only saying that real estate entrepreneur will announce it via Twitter and Facebook . " He will announce on Wednesday ( 10/24/2012 , local time ) . But I do not know at what time , " he said .
Kass is the author , founder and president of Seabreeze Partners Management . He also often appeared in newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal economics and media New York Times . | RM / MJF

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