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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Is Justin Bieber going to retire ?

Is Justin Bieber going to retire ?

Celebrity teen Justin Bieber made ​​a micro-blogging site Twitter uproar with remarks that seem appropriate hinted he would like to retire when his latest film screened in cinemas in the U.S. on Christmas Day ( 25/12 ) .

" Residents beliebers I officially retired my beloved , " cooed itudi youth 19 years to 48 million Twitter followers ..
Beliebers is the name for the bird lovers are mostly young women from around the world .

According to the AFP news agency that the message re dikicau ( retweet ) fans to more than 240,000 times , and Twitter was flooded with comments responding to the artist's statement .
However chirp continuation of the mega star is sufficient confounding what exactly his plans after this movie .

" Media Click mention much about me . They concocted a false story and wish I fail but I will never leave you , being a Belieber is a lifestyle , " he wrote .

Bieber later wrote another chirp quoted from his latest movie , " Justin Bieber Confidence , " which was released in U.S. theaters on Wednesday , and also write the words " Merry Christmas to all . Shall love one another . "

To a radio station in Los Angeles last week he said " stop of the music , stop everything , " and added : " I want to go ( play ) golf . "

Concert - a tour titled " Believe " - in Brazil and Australia colored by negative publicity about his behavior moret Click spraying graffiti- graffiti on the wall of his hotel room .

While in Argentina he is being attacked because stepping on the flag of the country when thrown to the stage in the middle of the concert . Being in Rio de Janeiro he recorded the camera was gone leaving a brothel . ( BBC )

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