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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Uighurs urges independent investigation of the case of Xinjiang clash

Uighurs urges independent investigation of the case of Xinjiang clash

Tribes exiled Uighur groups on Tuesday demanded the Chinese authorities to allow an independent investigation over the clashes in Xinjiang , which left eight " attacker " was shot dead by police in many areas inhabited by Muslims.

Xinjiang regional government must " disclose all information " about the violence on Monday and allow " independent investigation conducted international body " , says the World Uyghur Congress ( World Uyghur Congress / WUC ) , based in Munich as reported by AFP news agency .

WUC also calls on Beijing Shache open area , where conflict occurs , the foreign media and government representatives " to allow transparency about the narrative of the incident " .

The area is located approximately 200 kilometers southeast of Kashgar where it is known as Yarkand in the Uighur language .

Chinese authorities called the incident a " premeditated terrorist attack " against the local police station by nine " terrorists " armed machetes and explosives , Xinhua news agency said .

According to Xinhua reports , one of the " attackers " were arrested in the clashes and 25 police seized explosives and machetes in nine locations " attack " .

The group, led by two Uighurs named Abdulkadir Usman West and Abdigheni gathered to watch the video and spread the idea of ​​extremist terrorists since August , police said in a statement quoted by Xinhua Xinjiang .

Xinjiang police call them also to raise funds and create and test explosives for terrorist attacks merencananya planned .

Uighurs , who had converted to Islam during berbad - century , is the largest ethnic group in Xinjiang , with an area four times the area outside of Japan are rich sources of oil and natural gas .

WUC alleges that the incident is one of the ways the government to silence dissent Uyghurs under the pretext of combating terrorism .

"It was a testimony to the tendency of state-sponsored violence to quell Uighur dissent , the authorities ignore the legal process , shot and killed the Uighurs , labeling them terrorists , and then use the counter- terrorism to justify the murder , " said WUC President Rebiya Kadeer .

Human rights groups and foreign experts say the violence was due to the suppression of culture , security measures are chaotic and majority ethnic Chinese immigration wave , Han .

Information in that area closely watched and difficult to obtain independent verification .

In the worst sectarian conflict erupted in recent years in China , about 200 people died and more than 1,600 people were injured while hundreds of others were detained as a result of unrest in the Xinjiang regional capital , Urumqi , in July 2009 .

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