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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nine killed in plane crash in Siberia

Nine killed in plane crash in Siberia

 Nine people were reported killed by the fall of a cargo plane belonging to Russia in Siberia region on Thursday , local news agencies reported .

Antonov An - 12 Soviet- owned factory in Novosibirsk aircraft was carrying six crew and three others on a flight to the factory in Irkutsk , reports ITAR - TASS news agency .

Turbo- propeller plane crashed in a military warehouse that is located outside the city of Irkutsk and could cause a fire , but no casualties on the ground , emergency services officials said .

Technical malfunction and pilot error so far been suspected as the cause of the crash , a local security source said .

Xinhua news agency confirmed that the Russian Investigation Committee said the crash site is an army unit area near the train station Batareinaya .

Based on information from the Russian Defense Ministry , the cargo crash caused damage to the roofs of two warehouses .

Investigation Committee spokesman , Vladimir Markin , told Xinhua that the lawsuits will be filed related to the crash , alleging violations of air traffic rules .

Russia and some former Soviet states have aviation safety record as one of the worst in the world with nearly three times the number of accidents of the world average in 2011 , according to the International Air Transport Association , according to Reuters .

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