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Friday, December 27, 2013

Tickets buses and trains in Yogyakarta sold out

 Tickets buses and trains in Yogyakarta sold out

Bus tickets and a night train from Yogyakarta to a number of destinations on the end of a long holiday period already sold out until early January 2014 .

" In place of ticket sales on the night bus terminal Giwangan , tickets for the purpose of Jakarta , Bandung and Sumatra are sold out until January 3, 2014 , " said Head of Technical Implementation Unit ( UPT ) Passenger Terminal Ipank Zunanta Yogyakarta in Yogyakarta on Friday .

According to him , on January 3, 2014 will also be the peak of passengers after they spent the long holiday in Yogyakarta .

The number of passengers who will depart from Terminal Giwangan Yogyakarta at the peak is expected to reach more than 20,000 people for both outside and inside DIY DIY .

Passenger Terminal Unit Yogyakarta , he added , has been working with Organda DIY for the anticipated surge in the number of passengers with a fleet of 100 buses preparing backup .

" Bus reserves have been prepared . At any time the need to operate the bus , then the bus can run , " he said .

Meanwhile , the peak arrival of passengers at Terminal Giwangan Yogyakarta had occurred on December 26, the number of incoming passengers reached 21 865 people , consisting of 17 405 passengers with inter-city inter-province bus ( AKAP ) and 4,460 bus passengers between cities in the province ( Descending ) .

" Previously , we estimate the peak passenger arrivals occurred on December 24 , but the arrival of the peak would occur on December 26 . Possible arrival of passengers will not experience a spike again , " he said .

Not the operation of one of the buses destination Yogyakarta - Surabaya is Sugeng Rahayu on Friday ( 27/12 ) because one of its fleet crashed in Jombang East Java and happening "sweeping " of society , Bekti said no buildup in the passenger terminal .

" It can still be transported by another bus that has a goal to Surabaya so there is no buildup of passengers , " he said .

Regarding flooding in some areas that could make the current bus late entry into Giwangan about nine hours , Bekti said that these barriers no longer exist .

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Manager of PT Kereta Api Indonesia Yogyakarta , Agus VI Regional Operations appendices said long distance train tickets from Yogyakarta to the regular number of destinations is also already sold out until January 5, 2014 .

" We prepared a series of 17 regular trains to a number of areas , and during the year-end holidays , there is support for two additional trains , " he said .

The additional rail , Argo Lawu and Bengawan train has departed since December 20 with the Solo - Jakarta relations .

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