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Monday, December 30, 2013

Accounts @ Triomacan2000 Give Answer to Dipo Alam

Accounts @ Triomacan2000 Give Answer to Dipo Alam

Account account @ Triomacan2000 was not Slander and finally fulfill his promise to answer the challenges of the Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam to report corruption as SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan where dikicaukan Saturday ( 28/12 ) yesterday .

Monday ( 30/12 ) account @ Triomacan2000 represented by four young people who had been present since at 08.00 o'clock in the Cabinet Secretariat .

At a meeting between Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam and attorney Triomacan2000 it , all the case reports involving Dahlan Iskan He explained .

Like dketahui Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam invites twitter @ triomacan2000 account manager to be able to meet and provide data related to a number of exposures in their twitter about a number of alleged cases of corruption .

In booms , Dipo Alam calling Dahlan Iskan familiar with the SOEs Minister 's call , DIS . The following is a challenging dipoalam49 chirp @ @ TrioMacan2000 related to alleged corruption Dahlan Iskan :

@ TrioMacan2000 @ SBYudhoyono I sure cut no setoran2 to SBY , especially timeout diclick news satire Hayono wife Artpaper DIS ? Do not connect

@ TrioMacan2000 @ SBYudhoyono I BKN defense attorney DIS , only loading the contents beritaHayono news diclick box talking about his wife Artpaper DIS

@ TrioMacan2000 @ SBYudhoyono Problem when DIS is considered corrupt , so ill slander , come explain to Setkab , I received well laporannya.RHS

@ TrioMacan2000 @ blm SBYudhoyono I believe that the Commission , the Police , and the Attorney morbidly data2 corruption DIS process when valid mrk diam.DIS BKN powerful gods !

@ TrioMacan2000 @ SBYudhoyono If you want to TTP as any anonymous complainant , krm Setkab For the report to be studied , the Act mandated kl no crime report

The era of reform and democracy , government is no longer playing adoptive telephone baik2 laws govern pejabat.Saya SDH kl reported no evidence of a crime .

I invite Monday 30-12-2013 , at 9:00 am , I adik2 @ TrioMacan2000 , or their representatives , to report Setkab hal2 regarded as a crime DIS

Or , I am ready to come to the headquarters adik2 @ TrioMacan2000 anytime , to explain below bukti2nya Tiger et al DIS.Siapa fear about crime ?

1 Muharram I remind @ TrioMacan2000 Tabbayun , 1-1-2014 kl met jg Tabbayun " about DIS " , if you want to take the info and the data may also Oil and Gas Mafia

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