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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Saudi government intensified Suppress Political Dissidents

The Saudi government intensified Suppress Political Dissidents

While the world's attention focused on the turmoil in other places in the Middle East , Saudi Arabia in 2013 secretly more incentive to repress dissidents in 2013 .

Saudi government crackdown carried out by silencing democracy activists and human rights defenders to catch , prosecute and intimidate them . According to these reformers is one of the worst years in their jobs in the Gulf states that a strong U.S. ally .

Oppression that reflects a very fragile time being traversed the country the world 's largest producer of oil .

The Saudi monarch was to modernize its economy to reduce dependence on oil revenues , the private sector creates more diverse , and open jobs for residents who continue to fret .

To manage the transition , the activists say Saudi Arabia manipulate society classes , plays tribal and divisive sentiments which tend to be liberal citizens and the ultra - conservative Wahhabi clerics who usually support the royal family .

In order to direct the flow of this transition , Saudi Arabia to silence demands for political reform for fear of upheaval such as the Arab Awakening that could destabilize their grip on power .

This year , at least nine prominent reformers were sentenced to lengthy prison for allegedly " disloyal to the king . " A well-known human rights lawyer was forced to leave the country for fear of arrest .

One of the leading human rights organizations there , namely HASEM been closed . A tough anti-terror law was passed the government , and incorporate vague things like " damage the reputation of the state " as a terrorist act .

More than 200 demonstrators , including women and children , were arrested in Buraydah in the north of the capital , Riyadh , as they demand the release of jailed relatives . A Saudi man this week was sentenced to 30 years in prison for leading demonstrations by minority Shi'ites who complain of discrimination and .

At least five women were detained for several hours for violating driving ban , and a Saudi writer who support them detained for nearly two weeks .

Abdulaziz Alhussan , human rights lawyer who fled to America , warned that the Saudi royal ignore demands for reform then it can rise and disturb the stability of the country .

" If we wait seven to 10 years from now , we will be in a worse situation than Egypt and Syria , " he told the AP news agency . ( VOA )

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