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Thursday, December 26, 2013

U.S. citizens congress called the "worst in history " .

U.S. citizens congress called the "worst in history " .

 Two-thirds of Americans refer to as the worst Congress in history , while three- quarters of which are rarely criticized Congress do its job in passing laws .

The conclusion is the result of the poll CNN / ORC International that was announced on Thursday .

Negative sentiment towards U.S. congressman also seems indiscriminate , because 52 percent of respondents said the Democratic Party's policy will bring the country in the wrong direction , while 54 percent of respondents said the same thing for Republicans .

The same number, 54 percent , also shown above sentiment against President Barack Obama from the Democratic Party .

To the 113th Congress indeed has enacted state budget before the recess , but they just authorize less than 60 draft laws during the first year in office.

With the political deadlock that is expected to continue in 2014 , when elections will be held half period , Congress today could be one of the least productive in the last four decades , writes CNN .

As many as 68 percent of respondents agreed that the current Congress is the worst of all time , while only 28 percent disagreed.

" Negative views toward Kongers were spread evenly across demographic and political groups , both men , women , rich , poor , old , young - all considered that the Congress this year is the worst , " said CNN Poll Director Keating Holland .

"U.S. citizens older - more tenure Congress passed - it has a greater negative views than young people , " said Holland .

Holland said that Republicans , Democrats , independent and entirely agree that the current Congress as the worst .

Based on the survey , 73 percent of Americans also agree that so far Congress is not doing anything to solve the problems facing their country .

The poll, conducted by telephone during the 16-19 percent that involved 1,035 respondents in all U.S. states and has a range of error of plus or minus three percent , according to AFP .

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