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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mayor of Bogor ask the mosque was built on the side of GKI Yasmin

Mayor of Bogor ask the mosque was built on the side of GKI Yasmin

Indonesian Christian Church ( GKI ) Yasmin should be reopened if there is a mosque built next to it , said Bogor Mayor Diani Budiarto in a letter to the Presidential Advisory Council on Wednesday ( 02 / 05 ) .
The idea was announced in a meeting between Albert Hasibuan , member of the Presidential Advisory Council ( Wantimpres ) Legal Affairs and Human Rights , representatives of GKI Yasmin , as well as by the Secretary General of the National Security Council ( Wantanas ) , Lt. Gen. Junianto Haroen , and one Deputy Wantanas , Major General TNI Hold Toruan .
The meeting was chaired by Albert Hasibuan .

Bogor city government closed the church in April 2010 and forced more than 300 people outside the congregation carry out the services in the church .

Previously , the Supreme Court issued a decision win GKI Yasmin establishment plan in December 2010.
In its decision , the Supreme Court rejected the petition filed judicial review related Bogor City Government Building Permit ( IMB ) Yasmin Church of Bogor .

Supreme Court decision also supported the Ombudsman Commission .
Nevertheless , the Supreme Court decision and the Ombudsman has not adhered to until now .

Bogor Mayor insists does not permit the use of the church , by reason of the establishment of the GKI Yasmin rejected by a group of community and local residents .
But now as long as there is a mosque next to it , the church will be opened again .

Diani said he had put forward the idea that in September 2011 , but the church refused.

But a church spokesman , Bona Sigalingging said the church had never heard of the offer .
Bona Sigalingging , GKI Yasmin spokesman , said that the fact that the GKI just get a complete idea of Wantanas , not from the Mayor , in about March 2012 .

" We think positive, maybe the mayor has been trying to communicate the idea of ​​the establishment of the Mosque near the church at GKI Taman Yasmin , like the Cathedral Church and the Istiqlal Mosque , but unfortunately , when the communication channel may not optimal , so there was no response . Yet for GKI Yasmin , both the content and concepts , points 5 official mayor's letter is a point of hope for resolving cases of GKI Yasmin , " Bona said .

Lt. Gen. Junianto Haroen mayor welcomed the statement that the officially delivered .

" Regardless of whether the mayor had been trying to communicate the idea that the GKI Yasmin , and regardless of whether it is time GKI agree or not , that is important , now , we know that the idea Wantanas for law enforcement and maintenance of diversity in Indonesia , was the same as the idea mayor himself . 's good " , he said .

Albert Hasibuan expressed the same optimism . " This is a break through ( breakthrough ) . Wantimpres and Wantanas will try to coordinate further , that the similarity of this concept can be followed up by technical talks in more detail in the not too distant future . " Albert said .

" Wantanas will continue to try to oversee the process further along Wantimpres . Wantanas care about nationality issues . Indonesia must remain a law-abiding country at the same time strengthen the unity and integrity of the nation 's very diverse ," said Maj. Gen. Hold Toruan .

Previously , as a member of the Albert Hasibuan Wantimpres Legal Affairs and Human Rights has delivered for the notion Wantanas for GKI Yasmin case settlement , which refers to the principle of the rule of law and unity in diversity .

" This settlement is a fresh concept , a new and promising . 's Also in line with the statement of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stressed that if there are non - legal settlement , should be in a way that does not violate the law . Mosque which was founded near the location of the church at GKI Taman Yasmin is manifestation of the concept of rule of law and diversity are maintained . " ( BBC )

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