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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Earliest Cities Celebrate New Year

Earliest Cities Celebrate New Year

Opera House and Harbor Bridge in Sydney , Australia , will be gleaming by the light of the New Year fireworks , while the temples in China and Japan will ring a bell as 108 times . It was the first region in the world to celebrate the New Year .

Sidney city officials had promised that this year's festive feast will turn more magnificent than the previous year with more than 1.6 million visitors will mengitara Harbor Bridge .

Similar festivities will apply in different Philippine slower three hours from Sydney , where millions of people still displaced by the disastrous Typhoon Haiyan .

In Sydney , the fireworks will be launched from four sailboats Opera House is to be done perttama time in more than a decade .

The city council said the secret fireworks will emerge from the Harbor Bridge to be two times greater than last year .

China will focus on a similar celebration of the Great Wall near Beijing and the Bund in Shanghai , according to India Today .

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