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Friday, December 27, 2013

United Kingdom become Europe's largest economy by 2030

United Kingdom become  Europe's largest economy by 2030

 Britain will surpass France and Germany into Europe's largest economy by 2030 , according to research released on Thursday .

British research group , the Centre for Economics and Business Research ( CEBR ) has predicted that UK GDP will surpass France in 2018 before displacing Germany at around 2030 .

But it will be followed by India and Brazil during the same time period , the study said .

" Germany is expected to lose its position as the largest economies of Western Europe was taken over England about 2030 because of rapid population growth in the UK and lower dependence on other European economies , " the report said .

" If the euro broke up , the prospect of German would be a lot better , " it added . " Germany -based Deutsche Mark would not be overtaken by the UK for many years . "

Chief executive of the think tank 's claims , the British economy will grow faster if leaving the EU .

" My instinct , in the short term , the impact of leaving the European Union would certainly negative , " Douglas McWilliams told the Daily Telegraph .

" My suspicion is that over a period of 15 years , it probably would be a positive . "

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