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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood declared ' terror group '

 Muslim Brotherhood declared ' terror group '

Egypt 's military government declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group after the group blamed attacks against police headquarters Earn earlier this week .

Brotherhood previously declared a banned organization after the military took over power from President Mohammed Morsi tanganKlik , Brotherhood figure who won a democratic election .

The Brotherhood denies accusations , while a group claiming to take the line of resistance such as al - Qaeda claimed responsibility .

Thousands of sympathizers and members of the Brotherhood have been arrested in various operations , but a leader who is now in exile said the group would continue to fight back ituKlik .

Deputy Prime Minister Hossam Eissa Brotherhood announced a new status that implies a greater authority officers to quell the group .

He said the members , donors , and sympathizers may be sanctioned .

The move comes after incidents of suicide bombed on Tuesday ( 25/12 ) at the police headquarters in Mansoura , in the Nile Delta .

The attack menewaskan16 people and injuring more than 100 orange , Eissa said .

" From the north end to the south , the whole Egyptian Brotherhood's frightened because Musliminin this contemptible action . "

Egypt will disseminate this information to other Arab countries that have signed the anti- terrorism agreement in 1998. ,
Ibrahim Munir , Brotherhood Shura Council member who is now in exile in London , told AFP news agency said the Egyptian government's decision "illegitimate " .
" The protest will continue , it must be . (BBC)

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