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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Snowden Christmas message : stop tapping

Snowden Christmas message : stop tapping

Former U.S. intelligence agency contract employee , Edward Snowden , called for the practice of tapping stopped in Christmas message ' alternative ' in the UK .

Snowden 's Christmas broadcast broadcast television station Channel 4 as alternative to the usual traditional Christmas message conveyed the Queen of England .

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Snowden Christmas message focus is on privacy , citing : " Babies born today will have no concept of privacy at all " .

30 -year -old U.S. citizen was blurred because intelligence officials hunted Click superpower and now while living in Russia .

Christmas message , a two- minute , recorded in Russia .
He was referring to George Orwell's novel , 1984 , saying that tapping technique is very complicated in the novel is told that there is now nothing compared to the existing wiretapping technology .

" Babies born today will grow up without understanding the concept of privacy at all. They will not know what it means to have a private moment to yourself , a moment without tapping without analysis .

" Click on the Debate
 taking place today will determine the amount of confidence we can place on the technology around us and the government is set .

" Together we can find a better balance , stop tapping public and remind the government that if they want to know what we feel , ( find out with ) asking will always be more efficient than the tap . "

Channel 4's alternative Christmas message in the last years for example could show Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad while in office . Also the fictional character Ali G and cartoon character Marge Simpson .

The U.S. newspaper The Washington Post earlier this week , Snowden said his task as a whistle-blower U.S. intelligence operations , " click has been reached " .
" I 've won , " he said . (BBC)

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