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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

KRL collision fatalities and increased tanker truck

KRL collision fatalities and increased tanker truck

The victim died from KRL and tanker truck collision in Plastica , Guest Houses , South Jakarta , increased by one person , on Tuesday ( 12/10/2013 ) .

Head of South Jakarta Metro Police Commissioner said the Rev. Sultanate , death toll now as many as seven people . " True , increased by one person , so there are seven victims , " said Wahyu , Tuesday afternoon .

Based on information compiled Kompas.com , the last victim who died was named Nathalia ( 23 ) . KRL passengers Tanah Abang - Serpong majors had died around 11:00 am after receiving treatment in hospital Fatmawati .
Nathalia addition , other dead bodies had been taken to the Police Hospital in Kramat Bhayangkara Jati , East Jakarta .

Here's a list of the victims died from the train and tanker collision since Monday ( 12/09/2013 ) at 11.00 today .

1 . Darman Prasad ( 26 ) , machinist
2 . Agus Suroto ( 24 ) , assistant engineer
3 . Sofian Hadi ( 20 ) , technicians KRL
4 . Rosa Elizabeth Kesauliya ( 73 ) , passenger
5 . Alrisha Maghfira ( 16 ) , passenger
6 . Betty Ariyani , passenger
7 . Nathalia ( 23 ) , passenger

Monday is my usual commuter train ride after cycling from home to the station Sudimara . 10:38 o'clock train passengers are usually quiet because hours ahead of departure instead of working hours .

Arriving at the station , the train has not come at 10.38 . Loudspeaker announced that the train was damaged so it was fixed at AC Serpong station . About 20 minutes late , the train finally arrived . More passengers than usual because of the previous pile up at the station . Usually I get a seat , but today I had to stand because the carriage was rather full .

Rawabuntu Station , the train stopped briefly take passengers . After Pondok Ranji station , the train speeding. However , a few moments later the train was slowing as the brakes , and suddenly shook with the sound of a collision . Some passengers were standing fell .

Initially all the passengers calm . Some are complaining because she thought the train failure. Indeed so stop , the train goes off the electricity . The panic occurs because the outer window of the train , residents around yelling, " There's a fire ... out ... train on fire ! "

Passengers became panicked and tried to open the door . However , the door can not be opened . The window was closed. I looked around , searching for the hammer commonly found in buses to break the window . Items that did not exist . Passengers increasingly frantic . Some children cry .

The guard on the train shouting , " Do not panic ! " However , the passengers still trying to open the window . Finally, the window can be opened by sliding upwards . People were climbing , but hesitant to jump quite high because of the ground which is covered rocks outside rail .

Having driven from behind , people began jumping . I am including the bail out , although not yet understand what is actually happening .

Outside the train , then the black smoke seen rising to the top . Fire also looks blazing . Eve feels the heat hit face , when I was in the middle of the carriage , sufficiently far from the source of fire .

The people shouted , "Run back , run to the back . " Passengers look at a window crammed train carriages . Some of them threw down children , received another passenger who had gone down . Mothers screamed , " High really , baseball bold jump . " However , other passengers immediately help .

When the electric wires above the swaying carriage . Passengers panicked and kept running more and find a way out of the rail . Incidentally there is a rail on the right side in the ditch and wide enough so difficult skipped . Passengers had to walk to the ends of the new carriages could cross over to the asphalt road .

I looked back . The fire flared higher. However , because they want to take pictures , I approached the crash site , against the flow of the people who ran away . Suddenly there were two or three explosions . " Back off , back off , the train explodes , " shouted the people . I was looking for a retreat and find another access aisle toward the crash site .

The scenery was quite shake the blast site . People get hurt running . Children whose parents pulled frantically crying . Most running around aimlessly . Some who have recovered from the shock immediately direct them to the mosque near the site and safe gangs . The heat from the fire increasingly felt .

I immediately notify the office regarding this event . Seeing my call , some times people ask permission to borrow his brother or his office phone update . Many of the lost phone and other items for trying to save ourselves .

Later I saw , the most severe burning cars are cars that are leading the women's carriages and wagons were the leading cab .

Some witnesses said the train hit the truck fuel tank cross railroad crossing just before the train passes by . " Cross the late closed and trucks had already entered on the rail when a train collided , " said a witness who declined to mention the name because the guard was still counted on his crossbar .

Another witness , Rozak , motorcycle taxi drivers who hung in there , stating , cross train in Betong cottage was not long enough so there are still open despite the cross section is closed . "In addition , closed it was also not to bottom , " he said .

Another resident called for cross train at the site of concern to the government because of the many cases of accidents . " Many times accidents here . Lot of people who ngatur , but often do not pay attention to security , " he said .

Train accidents involving trains Commuter Line Tanah Abang - Serpong majors in 1131 with the number of gasoline tank trucks PT . Pertamina happens because truck drivers indiscipline , said Chief Operating Area I PT . KAI Heru Isnadi

Heru also explained the chronology of the tragedy in Plastica that for the umpteenth time in less than three decades overwritten train wreck .

" Trains 11:31 pm departing from Serpong , " he added at a news conference at Plastica , South Jakarta , on Monday .

At 11:09 pm train departing from Pondok Ranji station in South Tangerang to the station Kebayoran Lama , Central Jakarta .

" At 11:15 am the train was hit by a truck loaded with fuel , " he said .

He continued , fifteen minutes later , the electric voltage on the train turned off for safety .

" His position there was a truck in front of the wagon , just get in the truck when doorstop already crossings would be closed , " he said .

As a result of the accident , the downstream and upstream pathways can not be crossed by another train , while the crossings in this area can not be traversed by motor vehicles .

" Truck LPG alone cover the upstream path , " he said .

Heru could not confirm the number of victims who died and were injured because all the victims were taken to several hospitals .

But he made sure the victim died will be brought to the police hospital in the area Kramat Jati, East Jakarta .

The victim died as a result of an accident between electric train ( KRL ) with Pertamina car tank at Plastica region treated at the General Hospital Center (Dr ) Fatmawati increased with the death of a Natali ( 23 ) .

" Natali died this afternoon at 11:00 pm . Currently there remains still in our morgue , " said Wini PR Fatmawati Riesta on Tuesday .

The news was first reported death Natali Twitter account PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek ( KCJ ) , @ CommuterLine . Through a tweet , the account proclaim the death of Natali .

Twit It also includes the address family funeral home in Jalan Abadi Natali , Pondok Aren , cottage Betong , South Tangerang .

" On behalf PT.KAI Commuter Jabodetabek condolence , " wrote PT KCJ at the end of the tweet .

With the death of Natali , the victim died as a result of the accident to seven people .

The victim who died earlier is Darmah Prasad ( 25 ) machinist , Agus Suroto ( 24 ) assistant engineer , Sopyan Hadi ( 20 ) , Elrisa Maghfirah ( 16 ) , Rosa Elizabeth ( 73 ) and Bety Ariani ( 56 ) .

Head of Jakarta Public Works expressed concern Manggas Rudy Siahaan development programs underpasses and flyovers at railway crossings 15 in Jakarta is not running optimally .

The reason , to carry out the development program it must be approved by the City Council first. " There are 15 flyovers and underpasses that we woke up at railway crossings in 2014.

But it also depends on the budget approved by the City Council how , it could be less , "said Manggas Kompas.com when contacted on Tuesday ( 10/12/2013 ) afternoon .

One flyovers and underpasses , known to cost around Rp 150 billion . Mean total , the construction project will cost around Rp 2.25 trillion . Manggas also ensure the project featured in the plan of the city government.

Agree Parliament , Origin ...
Separately , a member of Commission D of City Council for Development fraction Gerindra Sanusi confirmed, it would support the construction project . In addition to parse traffic jam , fly overserta underpasses to minimize accidents .

" Moreover, the flagship program of the governor's name . 's We could not apain the program . Setujuin We just direct , " he said .
However , mumpung Local Budget Draft ( RAPBD ) has not endorsed , Sanusi asked the Public Works Department to make the development budget flyovers and underpasses at the intersection of the rail crossings were made into single years .

Consideration, 2014 is the year in which the situation of bureaucratic politics , especially in Jakarta , the focus is not vulnerable . " The 2014 political year . Hard to work in these years . 's Why baseball is finished rather than later , was made passable immediately wrote a one-year construction completion , " said Sanusi .
As is known , the city government plans to build 15 flyovers danunderpass at railway crossings , which is 7 in the direction of Serpong railway crossings ( crossing railway cottage Betong ) , 2 Cikampek railway crossings , railway crossings 2 and 4 crossings Tangerang which is in Depok direction .

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