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Monday, September 30, 2013

Illegal Immigrant Ship Sinking in Cianjur , Deaths So 36 People

Illegal Immigrant Ship Sinking in Cianjur , Deaths So 36 People

SAR teams are still trying to find the passenger ship loaded with illegal immigrants sank in waters south , the village of Sea Rays , Agrabinta District , Cianjur regency , West Java . Entering the fourth day of the search , the number of victims found dead continues to grow .

" As of 9:50 o'clock pm , found another four people died , " said West Java Police Commissioner Pol Kabidhumas Martinus Sitompul via short message on Monday ( 09/30/2013 ) .

Ships carrying illegal immigrants sank in the waters of Cianjur on Friday ( 27/9 ) afternoon . The ship was adrift for five days and ran out of diesel . Illegal immigrants aboard a ship , among others from Iraq , Lebanon , Jordan , and Yemen .

" So far the number of fatalities and 36 survivors 28 . Total who have been evacuated from the sea some 64 people , " said Martin .

Until this afternoon a joint team composed of police , military , BPBDs , Health Office , PMI , and people are still conducting searches to find victims .

Nasri ( 26 ) , skipper KM Medan Jaya claimed to be interested to take illegal immigrants from Tidung Island , Thousand Islands towards Australia's Christmas Island , because it was promised to be paid Rp 30 million .

" I want to bring the immigrants that have promised to pay Rp 30 million after reaching the destination, " said Nasri , in recognition of the proceedings in the District Court Pandeglang , Thursday ( 26/9 ) .

At the hearing panel of judges headed by Erwan it , he explains the given supplies in preparation for a trip to deliver the illegal immigrants , as well as a satellite phone for GPS and directions so as not to get lost .

" All supplies and tools signpost was already in the boat , I do not know who set it up , " he said, adding he skippered KM Medan Jaya made ​​of wood .

However , he added , in the course of a sudden bad weather and high waves . With the condition that the defendant intends to cancel the trip for fear of an accident , but was forced to keep immigrants go on .

" Out of fear , I finally lying on the immigrants . Unbeknownst to them I am without turning back toward the ship , " he said .

While walking , he said , suddenly a huge wave hit the ship and even then split KM Medan Jaya . Nasri and the rest of the passengers still save himself and landed on the island in the waters Cidaun Pandeglang , Cibandao Beach , Kematan wells .

After landing on the island, he said , the immigrants arrested him and bind his hands on a piece of wood , for fear of abandonment .

" For two days I tied on a tree trunk on the island, and recently opened after coming Polhut of Ujung Kulon National Park Authority ( TNUK ) , " said Nasri .

Polhut officers then evacuated and the immigrant defendants to the District wells and after that came and Water Police officers secure Nasri as well as the illegal immigrants .

Based on the testimony at the trial , the number of immigrants who brought as many as 48 people accused of immigrants consisted of men and women and little children , and they secured the Water Police officers on June 6, 2013 .

For his actions , the accused by the public prosecutor ( PP ) Septina were charged with acts against the law and punishable as provided in Article 120 paragraph ( 1 ) of Act 6 of 2011 on Immigration in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph ( 1 ) to - 1 of the Criminal Code .

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