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Sunday, September 6, 2015

All sin will be forgiven by God.

The ride was not finished (364)

(Part three hundred and sixty-four), Depok, West Java, Indonnesia, September 6, 2015, 22:00 pm).

All sin will be forgiven by God.

God in his word in the Quran and Sunnah (al-learned / hadith) guarantee human that Allah will forgive all the sins of his servants (human) as long as they repent (ask forgiveness of Allah) and do not commit shirk (associating partners with God) or leave shirk before death (dies), immediately repent (ask for God's forgiveness for all the sins that have been made) seriously and consistently implement the pillars of Islam.
God's grace door and his Mercy  wants all mankind to go to heaven, but God also warns that the devil (Satan) is the enemy number one man, because the Devil want some people want to follow in his footsteps go to hell.
Allah in the Qur'an and Sunnah teaches humans how (recipes) so that we can fight or cast out Satan from our lives.
When the Qur'an and Sunnah guidelines we follow God willing we will be happy to live in the world (short / temporary), the grave (barzakh) and the hereafter are lasting nature.

Tafsir Al Mu'min Verse 1-12
Surah Al Mu'min (The Believers)

Sura 40. 85 paragraph. Makkiyyah

  بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Verses 1-9: Talking about the miracle of the Qur'an, Allah's forgiveness Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala against the sins of His slaves who repent, opposition to the Islamic religion certainly meet with failure, the command to not be deceived by the prosperity of unbelievers, picture angels bearer 'the Throne and those around where they pray for the good of the believers and ask forgiveness for them.

حم (1) تنزيل الكتاب من الله العزيز العليم (2) غافر الذنب وقابل التوب شديد العقاب ذي الطول لا إله إلا هو إليه المصير (3) ما يجادل في آيات الله إلا الذين كفروا فلا يغررك تقلبهم في البلاد (4) كذبت قبلهم قوم نوح والأحزاب من بعدهم وهمت كل أمة برسولهم ليأخذوه وجادلوا بالباطل ليدحضوا به الحق فأخذتهم فكيف كان عقاب (5) وكذلك حقت كلمة ربك على الذين كفروا أنهم أصحاب النار (6) الذين يحملون العرش ومن حوله يسبحون بحمد ربهم ويؤمنون به ويستغفرون للذين آمنوا ربنا وسعت كل شيء رحمة وعلما فاغفر للذين تابوا واتبعوا سبيلك وقهم عذاب الجحيم (7) ربنا وأدخلهم جنات عدن التي وعدتهم ومن صلح من آبائهم وأزواجهم وذرياتهم إنك أنت العزيز الحكيم (8) وقهم السيئات ومن تق السيئات يومئذ فقد رحمته وذلك هو الفوز العظيم (9)

Translation of Surah Al Mu'min Verses 1-9

1. Ha-Mim.

2. [1] This book (the Koran) is derived from God Almighty [2] Knower (of everything),

3. Who forgives sins [3] and accepts repentance and his harsh punishment [4]; who have the gift. [5] There is no god (worthy of worship) but Him. Only to Him (all beings) back.

4. [6] There is no debate about the verses of Allah except those who disbelieve. Therefore do thou (Muhammad) be fooled by the success of their efforts throughout the country [7].

5. [8] Before them, the people of Noah and the factions allied after they [9] have denied (the apostle) and each race has been planned (deceit) against their Messenger to captive [10] and they argue with (reason) falsehood to destroy the truth; Therefore I seize them they (the doom) [11]. Then how (the pain) My punishment [12]?

6. And so [13] have certainly applicable provisions of your Lord against the infidels, (that is) in fact they are the dwellers of Hell.

7. [14] (angels) who bear the Throne [15] and (the angels) who are around [16] exalt with the praise of their Lord [17] and their faith in Him and ask forgiveness for those who believe [18] (saying), [19] "Our Lord, the grace and knowledge that exist on thy covering everything [20], grant forgiveness to those who repent [21] and follow the path (religion) - mu [22], and save them from the punishment of Hell [23].

8. Our Lord, put them into heaven 'Eden which thou hast promised them [24], and the righteous [25] among their fathers, wives, and their offspring. Indeed, You are the Almighty [26] again Wise [27],

9. and save them from (disaster) crime [28]. And those whom you nurture of (disaster) on the day of the crime [29], then indeed, have you give me the grace to him [30] and so that [31] the great victory [32]. "

Verses 10-12: The state of the disbelievers in Hell, their desire to get out of hell, the wrath of God to them, and the defeat of evil in the face of truth.

Translation of Surah Al Mu'min Verse 10-12

10. [33] Indeed, those who disbelieve [34], to them (on the day) called for [35], "Indeed, hatred of God (you) is much greater than your hatred to yourself, when you are called to faithful ago you deny [36]. "

11. They will say, "Our Lord, You have turned off our twice [37] and have turned on us twice (also) [38], and we acknowledge our sins. So is there any way (for us) to come out ( from hell) [39]? "

12. [40] That is because ye deny if called upon to worship God alone. And if God was united, ye believe [41]. Then the decision (today) [42] is in Allah Almighty [43] again Almighty [44].

[1] Allah wa Ta'aala Subhaanahu tell you about his great book, that he came down from God God worthy of worship because of his perfection and because He alone with his work.

[2] With his strength he subjected all creatures.

[3] For the people who sinned.

[4] For the unbelievers or people who dared to sin and do not repent of it.

[5] When Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala establishes what He set about His perfection, where it requires that He alone diibadahi and sincere in our intentions for his charity, then He said, "There is no god (the right to be worshiped but He) . "

Suitability side above verse by saying the decline in the Qur'an from Allah Who has the above properties is that these properties requires all meaning covered by the Qur'an. That's because the Koran contents preach about the names of God, His nature and His deeds, whereas the above verse mentions the names of God, His nature and His actions. It can also judge actions preach supernatural past and future, where it includes the teaching of the All-Knowing Allah to His servants. Could also preach about His favors and loads as well as the cases that can be delivered to him, where it is shown by his word, "Dzith thaul" (meaning: who has the gift). Can also tell about his harsh punishment and something that makes a person sentenced as well as immoral which requires that penalty, where it is shown by his word, "Syadiidil 'iqaab" (meaning: and his harsh punishment). Can also contain a call to the sinner to repent, return and beristighfar, where this is indicated by his word, "Ghaafiridz dzanbi wa qaabilit taubi syadiidil 'iqaab" (meaning: Who forgives sins and accepts repentance and strict in Punishment ;). Can also contents the news that God is the only one who is entitled diibadahi and enforcement of the proposition 'aqli (sense) or naqli (revelation) that indicates thus, encouraging him, and forbade worship to other than Allah while explaining the arguments' aqli and naqli the show damage to shirk and frighten him, where this is indicated by his word, "Laailaaha illaa Huwa" (meaning: there is no deity worthy of worship besides Him). Could also preach about the law jaza'i (reply) His fair reward for people who do charity, the penalty for those who were disobedient, where this is indicated by the word of Allah Ta'ala, "Ilaihil mashiir" (to -Nyalah all back). This is covered Qur'an which are high demands.

[6] Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala proclaim that there is nothing to argue about his verses except those who disbelieve. Argue the intent here is to argue for the purpose of rejecting the Signs of Allah, deal with evil, where it includes actions infidels. In contrast to the believers, they submit to Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala which lowers truth to overcome falsehood. Similarly, for a person should not be deceived by worldly state of a person, and thought that the gift of God to him in terms of the world show love to him and that he was on the right. Therefore, Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala says, "Therefore do thou (Muhammad) be fooled by the success of their efforts throughout the country." It is therefore obligatory for a slave is the measure of man with the truth, look to nature syar'i and weigh man with him, and does not weigh the truth of the human being, as was done by people who do not have science and reason.

[7] Because of their final place is hell.

[8] Then Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala threatening those who dispute the signs of Allah to cancel it, as was done by the generation before them, like the people of Noah, the 'Ad, and the other allied together sought cancel defend truth and falsehood. To the extent that they have been determined to kill the leader of kindness, the apostle who was sent to them. Is not this indicate injustice, perversity and their misery, so that no one apart after a terrible doom.

[9] As' Aad, Thamud and others.

[10] The subsequent killing the messengers.

[11] Due to their disbelieving and gathering them to fight the truth.

[12] There is in the form of loud noise of thunder, hail, swallowed by earth, sunk into the sea, and so on.

[13] As the applicable statutes Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala to previous generations who belied, then also apply to those who deny this now.

[14] Allah wa Ta'aala Subhaanahu tell about God's perfect tenderness Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala servants His believers, and His provision causes happily prepare them in the form of causes that are beyond their capabilities, namely request for forgiveness angel brought near to them, their prayers for the good of religion and their afterlife, where it shows the glory of the angels bearer 'the Throne and in the surrounding areas as well as their proximity with their Lord, many of their worship, and their sincere attitude to slaves servant of God because they know that Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala they like it done.

[15] 'Throne is the roof of all creatures and beings biggest, most extensive and most flattering, and closest to Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala. The extent Throne extends over the heavens, the earth and the seat of God and the angels. While the angels submitted an angel of God to bear the largest and most powerful. Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala God chose them to carry the Throne of His, prioritize call them and closeness they show that they are the most important angel. Ta'aala Subhaanahu wa Allah says, "And the angels are in the sky over the-corners. And on that day eight angels uphold the Throne of thy Lord above (the head of) them. "(Trans. Al Haaqqah: 17)

[16] That includes angels brought near to God, and have the position as well as the great virtue.

[17] It is a tribute to them because of their worship to Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala, especially the rosary, tahmid and all worship which belong to the beads and tahmid. Because the beads are Subhaanahu wa Allah purifies human attitude Ta'aala of worship other than Him, while tahmid is worship Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala. As a greeting, "Subhaanallahi wabihamdih" is also included in it, and among so many worship.

[18] It is among a number of benefits and virtues of faith, that the angels who had no sin ask forgiveness for those who believe. Therefore, a believer in his faith because obtaining the great virtue of this.

[19] Therefore forgiveness have something attached to it, which would not be perfect unless her forgiveness -in addition to immediately apprehended by the mind, that it is asking for forgiveness of sins-sins to be forgiven, then Allah wa Ta'aala mention Subhaanahu the nature of their prayers asking for forgiveness by saying something to him to be perfect, that speech, "Our Lord, the grace and knowledge that exist in you include everything, grant forgiveness to ... etc."

[20] That is the science of thy covering everything, none vague for you and nothing is hidden by science thy weighing small ant (mustard seed) in heaven and on earth, and your grace covers everything. Therefore, it is natural both the top and the bottom has been filled with the grace of Allah Ta'ala.

[21] From shirk and immoral.

[22] That is Islam, which in essence is mentauhidkan Allah, obey Him and follow His Messenger.

[23] That guard them from the punishment itself and causes.

[24] Through thy oral apostles.

[25] They become righteous by faith and good deeds.

[26] With the might of thy sins you forgive them, you get rid of things that worry them and you tell them to all goodness.

[27] That which is put something in place. Therefore, we do not ask thee something menyelisihi thy wisdom, even including your wisdom that you let through your apostles oral and desired by Thy grace, the mercy to the believers.

[28] Crime here is a charity that is bad and consequently, because he made a sad culprit.

[29] That is the Day of Judgment.

[30] Because of Thy grace always flowing to thy servants, nothing prevents other than the sins of the servants and ugliness. Therefore, whoever you nurture of evil, it means you've given taufik to goodness and to return good.

[31] That is a loss of things to worry about because it kept out of crime and obtaining the things that are loved because obtain mercy.

[32] Where there is no victory like him.

As Sa'diy Shaikh explained that this angel prayer contains several things:

- Perfect knowledge of their (the angels) against their Lord.

- Bertawassul (by means of prayer) to Allah with His names are beautiful, where he likes if his servants bertawassul him.

- Pray with using Asmaa'ul Husna appropriate. Therefore, their prayers requesting mercy and asks removed the influence of the nature of humanity known God shortcomings and desire sinner as well as basic and causes that are known by God, then they bertawassul with his name Ar Raheem (the Most Merciful) and Al 'Aliim (The All-Knowing).

- Perfect their manners towards Allaah with recognition rububiyyah (maintenance of) Allah either rububiyyyah 'aammah (general) and khaashshah (special).

- They (the angels) do not have any power and that their prayers to God they emerge from their indigent (need) from all sides, can not megemukakan any circumstances, and it is not because the gift of God, mercy and ihsan- His.

- According to the Lord their God loves charity loved them, namely worship they do and they mean it as mean, verily those who love. Similarly, they love those who do good, ie the believers, where they (the believers) are the people who loved God among all His creatures. All human beings are already mukallaf (exposed obligation) hated Alah except those who believe, in the love of angels to those (believers) are those praying to God and strive for the good of their circumstances, as a prayer for a person, including evidence of his love , because one does not pray except to those he loved.

- From the description in detail about God for forgiveness of the angels there is a record that we need to realize how mentadabburi (thinking) His Book, and that tadabbur not limited to the meaning lafaz in the unit, even should he mentadabburi meaning (content) lafaz. If he understood the true understanding appropriate means, then by his mind he saw the matter and road weary him, something that becomes penyempurnanya and depend on him, and he can believe that God wants this, as he believes a special meaning which is indicated by a lafaz.

The need to specify is that God Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala wanted two things:

First, acknowledge and confirm that he included participating in the meaning and subject to him.

Secondly, the knowledge that God knows all things, and that Allah commanded His servants to mentadabburi and think of his books.

Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala know something inherent to the meaning of it, and he who informed him that his book is a guide, light and explanatory everything, and that he is the most eloquent speech and the most obvious. Thus, a servant can gain a lot of knowledge and a great kindness in accordance taufiq God gave him.

But sometimes some cryptic verses mean for healthy other than researchers thought. Therefore we ask Allah wa Subhaanahu Ta'aala that he opened to us the majority of the treasury mercy be good because our circumstances and the Muslims. We can not do nothing but rely on the charity of his bertawassul with his charity; where we always are in it at any time and at any time. Likewise, we ask God for His grace that He cares for us from the evils of ourselves that be a barrier for us to come to his grace, surely He Grantor, which gives cause and musabbabnya.

- From the above verses can also be seen that the companion, a good wife, children and friends can be happy with his friends, and is associated with the cause for the good to be gained, beyond charity and because charity as the angels pray for the believers and people righteous from among their fathers, their wives and their offspring, wallahu knows best.

[33] Allah wa Ta'aala Subhaanahu inform about the opening of the shame and humiliation which befell the unbelievers, their request to return to the world and get out of hell, and their request was not granted and they dicelanya.

[34] mention the absolute "infidels" in order to cover all forms of infidelity, either disbelieve in Allah, His books, His apostles, the end of the day, etc ..

[35] That is when they go to hell and they admit that they are entitled to enter it because of the sins they do, then when they are very angry at themselves with great anger, then was called them when it's as mentioned in the paragraph above ,

[36] When the apostles and their followers take faith and they uphold the proof, yet you even deny it and you hate the faith that Allah created you for it, and you even get out of mercy wide, so that God's wrath against you, and wrath it is much bigger than kemurkaanmu to yourself. His wrath and punishment continue to happen to you, while his servants were believers gain the pleasure of Allah and His reward. That's when they dreamed of returning to the world as described in the next paragraph.

[37] The purpose of twice the death is the death of the first and mortality between the two trumpet. Some are of the opinion that the first death is when they are not there and the second death is a death that occurs after they manifest to the world.

[38] That is life in the world and the hereafter.

[39] And the return to the world to obey our Lord.

They regret once to move them wrong when in the world and said, as mentioned in the paragraph above, even though the words were no avail and use at all.

[40] They were criticized for not doing safety reasons.

[41] You pleased with something bad and broken in this world and hereafter (Shirk), and you hate something that is good and righteous in this world and the Hereafter (tawhid). You precedence because of misery, humiliation and wrath, and ye hate because of happiness, glory and contentment. It is, as the word of Allah Ta'ala follows:

"I will turn people who boasted himself in the earth without right of the signs of my power. If they see any verses (Ku), they will not believe him. And if they see the path that leads to the guidance, they do not want them, but if they see the way of error, they continue memenempuhnya. That is because they deny Our signs and they were always unaware of him. "(Trans. Qur'an: 146)

[42] If the decision belongs to Him, then He has decided that you, O unbelievers will be eternally in hell forever, and his decision will not be changed and replaced.

Repentance NASHUHA

Shaikh Salim bin Id Al Hilali

Human beings are not free from errors, large and small, consciously or unwittingly. Moreover, if the lust to dominate his life. He will be the butt doing disobedience. Obedience, as if it has no value means.

Although plagued by human disobedience and sin accumulate, it does not mean there is no longer the door to improve. Since, after mounting immoral deeds of a servant, but the door of mercy is always open. Humans are given the opportunity to improve themselves. That is, with repentance from acts that could deliver it to the brink of hell. Repentance is done must be total, which is known as repentance NASHUHA. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

كل بني آدم خطاء و خير الخطائين التوبون. رواه الترمذي

Each child adam (man) made a mistake, and the best of the guilty is to repent. [2]

لو أن العباد لم يذنبوا لخلق الله الخلق يذنبون ثم يغفر لهم رواه الحاكم

Had servants of God no sin, surely God will create another creature who sins and then forgive them. [3]

With repentance, we can cleanse our hearts from the stain that pollute. For the sin of desecrating the liver, and clean it is an obligation. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: Verily a believer when sin, it will be (arising) one point a black stain on his heart. If he repented, left (the act) and begged for forgiveness (to Allah), then his come back clean. But when increasing (sin), then bertambahlah black stain until it filled his heart. So why ar raan (covering the heart) that has been mentioned God in his word "Certainly not (be), actually what they always try it shut their hearts. [Al Muthaffifin: 14] [4]

God also encourages us to repent and beristighfar immediately, because it so much better than soluble in sin. Allah said.

فإن يتوبوا يك خيرا لهم وإن يتولوا يعذبهم الله عذابا أليما في الدنيا والآخرة وما لهم في الأرض من ولي ولا نصير

Then if they repent, it is better for them, and if they turn away, Allah will punish them with a painful punishment in this world and in the Hereafter; and they never have a protective and not (also) a helper in the earth. [At Tawbah: 74]

Prophet himself has set an example in this repent. He sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam many repented and beristighfar, to the extent that the friends count by more than a hundred times in the majlis, as Nafi' Ibn Umar Maula has stated:

كان انن عمريعد لرسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم في المجلس الواحد مائة مرة من قبل أن يقوم رب اغفر لي وتب علي إنك أنت التواب الغفور رواه الترمذي

Ibn Umar used to calculate (reading istighfar) n in a majlis the Prophet got up from it a hundred times before, (which says): Yes Rabbku, forgive me and accept taubatku. Truly you are the Supreme recipients repentance, Most merciful. [5]

What is meant by repentance NASHUHA, is the return of a servant to God from sin ever committed, intentionally or due to ignorance, to be honest, sincere, strong and supported by the obedience-obedience which raised a servant reach the position of the trustees of God's Muttaqin (cautious) and (obedience) which can be protective of the devil himself.

NASHUHA repentance law is fard 'ain (the duty of every individual) upon every Muslim. The evidence:

1. The Word of God:

وتوبوا إلى الله جميعا أيه المؤمنون لعلكم تفلحون

And bertaubatlah to God, O believers that you prosper. [An Nuur: 31].

يا أيها الذين آمنوا توبوا إلى الله توبة نصوحا

O ye who believe, bertaubatlah to God with repentance, pure. [At Tahriim: 8].

2. Word of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

ياأيها الذين ءامنوا توبوا إلى الله فإني أتوب إلى الله في اليوم مائة مرة. رواه مسلم

O, the believers. Bertaubatlah to God, because I also confess to God a hundred times a day. [6]

Muslims have also agreed on the obligation of repentance, as Imam Al-Qurtubi stated: "(The scholars) people have ijma '(agree) that the law of repentance is fard (obligatory) upon all believers" [7]. Thus Ibn Qudamah also states [8].

VIRTUE AND GRACE OF GOD breadth of repentance NASHUHA
Man should not worry if repentance is not accepted, because of the grace of God is very vast, as the prayer of the angels described role in His Word:

ربنا وسعت كل شيء رحمة وعلما فاغفر للذين تابوا واتبعوا سبيلك وقهم عذاب الجحيم

Our Lord, the grace and knowledge you include everything, grant forgiveness to those who repent and follow Thy Path, and guard them from the torment of fiery hell. [Al-Mu'min: 7].

TERMS repentance NASHUHA
In order to be accepted NASHUHA repentance Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, there are several requirements that must be fulfilled:

1. Islam.
Taubat received only from a Muslim. As for the unbelievers, then repentance is to enter Islam. Allah said.

وليست التوبة للذين يعملون السيئات حتى إذا حضر أحدهم الموت قال إني تبت الآن ولا الذين يموتون وهم كفار أولئك أعتدنا لهم عذابا أليما

And that repentance is not accepted by God from those who do evil (that) until when death comes to one of them, (then) he said "Verily I repent now". And not (also accepted repentance) the people who died were they in disbelief. For people that have We have prepared a painful doom. [An-Nisa ': 18].

2. Ikhlash.
Taubat accepted Shari'ah, which is constituted with sincerity only. Taubat because riya` or worldly purposes, not as repentance syar'i said. Allah said.

إلا الذين تابوا وأصلحوا واعتصموا بالله وأخلصوا دينهم لله فأولئك مع المؤمنين وسوف يؤت الله المؤمنين أجرا عظيما

Except those who repent and make amends and sticking to (the religion) of Allah and sincere (do) their religion for Allah. Then they are together and one day those who believe God will give to those who believe a great reward. [An-Nisa ': 146].

3. Recognizing his sin.
Repentance is not valid, except after knowing sin and admit the mistake, and hope survived the bad consequences such actions.

4. Full of remorse.
Repentance can only be accepted with deep expressions of remorse. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

الندم توبة رواه ابن ماجه

Regret is repentance. [9]

5. Leaving disobedience and restore rights to their owners.
Those who repent sins are committed compulsory leave and return any rights to the owner, if such property or the like. If the form of slander or similar charges, then by way of apology. If the form of backbiting (wag), then by way of pleading is permitted (tolerated) as long as such application does not cause other adverse effects. If it has grave implications, it is enough to pray for him to reach for the good.

6. Period of repentance before the breath was in the esophagus (death's door) and before the sun rises in the west.
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has explained in the words he sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam:

إن الله يقبل توبة العبد ما لم يغرغر. رواه الترمذي

Verily Allah accepts repentance of a servant before his breathing was in the esophagus [10].

الهجرة لا تنقطع حتى تنقطع التوبة ولا تنقطع التوبة حتى تطلع الشمس من مغربها. رواه أبو داود وأحمد

Hijrah is not interrupted until the cessation of (time for) repentance, and repentance is not interrupted until the sun rises from the west [11].

7. Istiqamah after repent.
Allah said.

فاستقم كما أمرت ومن تاب معك ولا تطغوا إنه بما تعملون بصير

Then keep you on the right path, as commanded, and (also) those who have been with you repent and do not transgress limits. He sees what you do. [Hud: 112].

8. Conducting repairs after repentance.
Allah said.

وإذا جاءك الذين يؤمنون بآياتنا فقل سلام عليكم كتب ربكم على نفسه الرحمة أنه من عمل منكم سوءا بجهالة ثم تاب من بعده وأصلح فأنه غفور رحيم

If those who believe in Our signs come to you, then say, 'Peace-alaikum, thy Lord has set upon Himself mercy, (namely) that whoever evil among you because of ignorance, then he repent after doing it and make amends, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. [Al An'am: 54].

1. Believing that God is knowing and all-seeing. God knows all the hidden and concealed in the heart. Although we do not see it, but he must have seen it.

2. See that your majesty durhaai Essence, and do not see the size of the object immoral, as his word.

نبئ عبادي أني أنا الغفور الرحيم وأن عذابي هو العذاب الأليم

Tell to My servants, that verily I am the Forgiving, the Most Merciful, and that the real azabKu is very painful doom. [Al Hijr: 49- 50].

3. Remember, that sin is all bad and evil, because he is an obstacle to achieving happiness in this world and hereafter.

4. Leaving the places disobedience and friends who behave badly, who used to help him commit sin, and cut off ties with them as long as they have not turned into good.

THINGS TO BLOCK repentance
Among the things that prevent sin is:
1. Heresy in religion. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

إن الله حجب التوبة عن صاحب كل بدعة

Indeed, Allah closes repentance of all heretical. [Ash-Shahihah No. 1620]

2. Addiction to liquor. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

من شرب الخمر لم تقبل له صلاة أربعين ليلة فإن تاب تاب الله عليه فإن عاد كان حقا على الله تعالى أن يسقيه من نهر الخبال قيل وما نهر الخبال قال صديد أهل النار رواه أحمد

Whoever drinking wine (liquor), then his prayer is not accepted for forty nights. If he repent, God will accept it. However, when repeated, it is worth when God gave him a drink from the river Khibaal. Some people are asking: "What is the river Khibaal?" He replied, "Pus resident of hell. [12]

Thus a brief treatise on repentance NASHUHA. Hopefully we can be a reminder to always repent to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

[Copied from the magazine edition of As-Sunnah 01 / Year IX / 1426H / 2005M Published Lajnah Foundation Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo - Purwodadi Km. 8 Selokaton Gondangrejo Solo 57 183 Tel. 08121533647, 08157579296]

[43] He is the absolute Sovereign of all sides, the One of his high, his high position, and the height of his powers. Included among his high position is the perfect justice of God Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala, and that he put everything in place and do not equate between those who fear Allah with those who are disobedient.

[44] He has greatness, majesty and glory, either on his name, his nature mupun his holy deeds of any defects and deficiencies.

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