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Monday, September 14, 2015

Planting trees can be rewarded, felling trees can sin.

The ride was not finished (370)

(Part three hundred and seventy), Depok, West Java, Indonnesia, September 14, 2015, 16:03 pm).

Planting trees can be rewarded, felling trees can sin.

God in his word in the Qur'an warns people do not always do evil in the earth such as cutting down trees at will, human beings kill each other and commit shirk (associating partners with God).
Because human greed arbitrarily cut down trees, and lazy to plant trees in their environment, felling of trees resulted in deforestation, forest turned into barren desert, causing global climate change.
In Indonesia, companies and individuals in the open farm land by burning forests, the result is now Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia and Singapore even affected by air pollution in the form of smoke.
So now we are facing extreme weather, sand storms, droughts, floods and other natural disasters.
In 1969, on the coast of Kampung Baru Central, the city of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, every morning or evening with simple equipment I can still provoke various kinds of fish and squid, and crab crab, so that my mother practically do not need to buy fish and crab crab on the coastal , but when I come back again in the same place in 1990, not a fish and crab crabs I get, because the coast has been contaminated with various impurities dirty ranging from crude oil to plastic scrap. I believe the same fate also experienced the coast in the other islands in Indonesia and even in the world.
Each trunk (interest) that we planted to give a blessing for living organisms, ranging from oxygen, fruits so as a stopover birds and other animals, so that God promises great reward for those who grow or maintain, contrary to the perpetrator of damage in earth, like greedy deforesting will receive the punishment in the world (hurricanes, drought, smoke), as well as the punishment / chastisement in the hereafter (hell).

(BBC) - global Pemanasa? Climate change? If you read the newspapers, listen to radio, watch TV and surf the internet, must have both already familiar in mind.

The climate has changed and the earth's temperature to rise, as said Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar.

"Change is not clear season. The rainy season is dry, dry season rains. It is one of the climate change. It's because of climate change."

"For fishermen, there are also sea currents that change, sea water temperature also changes with the change means that the fish changed," added Rachmat.

"There are also coral reefs damaged by warming sea water and marine biota so mikroplankton broken. So it has happened strange things," said the minister.

Getting hotter
But what about in everyday life? I visited some of the places with the question of what has changed in nature when compared to the situation 10 or 20 years ago?

The first objective Malinau District, East Kalimantan, called Conservation District. Of the total area of 4.2 million hectares, an area of 3.9 million, or approximately 90%, is a forest area, including KMNP and protected forests. 4 hour trip by boat from Tarakan.

Uman, 37 years old, has been making a living from motor boats since 1990, and he says nothing has changed from Sesayap River that passes for a dozen years.

"If the first rare gusung, in the middle of the river appeared a new island of sand mixed soil. Perhaps due to the influence of flooding, if the first of the 1990s it was rarely floods but after 1995 upon start berunculan gusung," Uman said.

If used infrequently floods but now is probably because a lot of timber harvested, often flooding. If the rain certainly flood
Sapi Island, about an hour drive from the district capital of Malinau, still feels the greenery.

In some places visible marks fields were cleared for residents Lundayah using rotating cultivation system.

Elders Lundayeh, New Belapang, recounts.

In the past, said Belapang Thus, if the citizens of farming, fertile-fertile rice, other crops are also good. "As a fruit, that essentially we are planting the seeds of sweet and sweet for sure," he said.

"But now the other, if the essence of sweet and sour finished planting seeds. Trees that rambutan and durian fruit acid if the first thick, now thin," he said.

Belapang said he did not know what caused the change.

"Now more and dries quickly," Before the 1950s let dry 3 months, the water is not so fast and downs but now dry one month only water is dried up, "he said.

"Now the grass at the edge of the river when the drought withered, but had not even 3 months dry grass on the river bank that does not wilt," said Belapang.

Other farmers, Martin Ukung, feel the weather in the village, Pulau Sapi, the more heat.

"It's my experience is the result of hot fruit flowering so withered by heat and not so fruitful. That's my experience over the last 10 years. Flowering but not so the fruit."

"The sun is too hot now but do not know what the cause is. But we feel really getting hot."

From Borneo, I switched to Sulawesi. Bajoe tribal child a bath in her front yard. About 15 minutes of Bone, South Sulawesi.

Children Bajoe
Bajoe Most fishermen use explosives to catch fish

Not far from the ferry port Bone-Kolaka, approximately 400 households lived in the village tribe Bajoe Kolaka, Kampung Bajoe.

Although the tradition of life at sea has long been abandoned, small pools of brackish water remains under house stage.

Bajoe Most fishermen use explosives to catch fish, then Oxygen compressors for diving and motor boat while at sea. Fishing rods, screen, and resilience of natural breathing have long been abandoned.

How to catch the fish changing as more difficult to get the fish, said a fisherman Bajoe who has been a fisherman for 30 years.

"The more difficult to get fish. If the first was five kilometers alone can fish, now have tens of kilometers."

What caused it? "Perhaps because the more you catch fish, with large ships," he added.

Highly dependent
Lompo Barrang Island, approximately 2 hours drive motor boat from Makassar, South Sulawesi, largely populated livelihood is fishing.

With the technology of motor boats and fishing nets, they were practically still highly dependent on nature. But nature around Barrang Lompo has begun to change, says Mr. Hasbi, one person village elders.

"Now that the rainy season seemed to be coming increasingly late. We and also other citizens, was getting hot," said Hasbi.

Meanwhile Sahbudin, a fisherman, still do not go to sea in mid-October but usually already begun to fall fishing.

"As it's usually quiet, but now-now this is now East wind still blowing, so we do not go down to the sea," he said.

"Indeed, East winds can also go to sea, but that's as hard as hard," said Sahbudin.

Now wind the faster compared to previous years
Of Makassar in South Sulawesi, we Yogyakarta and still carries the same question. In mid-October, rain is still well down Suparno said.

"Usually already exists, but it does not exist. It should have been no rain once or twice a month, but it has not. And now broiling, broiling only when it would normally rains."

Although rain has not gone down, Suparno fortunate to still be able to enjoy the water of the River Kulon Progo, but for rain-dependent farmers, delays or lack of rain changing cropping patterns. Widyatmoko are farmers in Ketingan, Yogyakarta.

"Compared to previous years, noticeably drier. Usually we've been able to plant rice, and now is not. And it could be seen sugarcane are also experiencing drought," said Widyatmoko.

Not easy
And what causes it? Dolvina Ukung Damus, Chief Wildlife Fund WWF policy in Malinau believes is still difficult to explain to the farmers Dayak Lundayeh about the causes of natural change.

"It is not easy to explain the global warming and climate change to the public," he said.

"And also it is not yet certain whether the floods and droughts caused by it," he added.

"We are here doing the calculations of rainfall for 10 years, but not yet certain that the cause of climate change, especially in Kalimantan is relatively still a lot of forests," said Dolvina.

But Dr. Rizaldi Boer, head of Iklimatologi of Bogor Agricultural University, confirms that climate change is already being felt directly by humans.

"I do not agree conceptually but is already happening," said Dr. Rizaldi Boer.

Regardless of the cause, climate change or global warming, apparently the farmers and fishermen who depend on nature, began to feel that the world has changed. (BBC / Liston Siregar)

It is unfortunate when a logging moratorium done but nonetheless deforestation continues even increased. This is the data that forest loss in Indonesia has risen sharply over the last 12 years, reports a new study published in the journal Science.

The study, led by Matt Hansen of the University of Maryland, found that Indonesia lost 15.8 million hectares between 2000 and 2012, ranking fifth behind Russia, Brazil, the United States and Canada in terms of forest loss. As for the approximately 7 million hectares planted during the period.

However, of the five countries in the woods above, based on a percentage, then Indonesia is in the first rank of the rate of forest loss of 8.4 percent. By comparison, Brazil only lost half of these proportions.

98 percent of forest loss in Indonesia, deforestation occurs in high density forest areas in Sumatra and Kalimantan, the location where the conversion result of industrial timber plantations and oil palm plantations developing very widespread over the last 20 years. Riau Province is the highest, as released by the researchers in the animation as follows:

Deforestation also increased in Indonesia. In the year 2011/2012 forest loss rate reached its highest level since the late 1990s, although the government has issued a ban moratorium (moratorium) for the 65 million hectares of primary forests, peatlands and forests. Data showed a forestry moratorium, which was implemented as part of Indonesia's commitment to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, may fail as originally expected destination.

A study released in this very contrary to figures released earlier this year by the Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia, which claimed that the annual deforestation has considerably declined since 2005/2006. The figures may occur due to methodological differences in the calculation.
The Ministry of Forestry neglect estimates of deforestation on land outside the forest area and does not include the conversion of natural forests to industrial tree plantations, which is still considered by the Ministry of Forestry in the classification of the "forest."
The new data, based on the results of rendering 650,000 images NASA Landsat imagery by Google Earth Engine, through a cloud computing model, published a comprehensive database of global forest map is interactive. This data is available as free content in http://earthenginepartners.appspot.com/science-2013-global-forest

Hansen, who has published a number of papers on deforestation, said he hopes the map can help countries to develop better policies to reduce forest loss.

"This is the first attempt to provide a consistent map forest change both globally and on a local level," Hansen said in a statement. "Brazil using Landsat data to document the rate of deforestation, also uses this information in policy formulation and implementation. They also share this data, so as to enable other parties to assess and confirm their success. "

"Previous data is not yet available to the public for other parts of the world. Now with this global mapping we can provide information about changes in the forest where every country can have access to this information, both for their own country and for the whole world. "

Google a leading company in the field of information technology creates a global map changes in forest area that has a high resolution and benefits with the help of Google Earth. With a data change in forest area can be monitored forest destruction that occurs in every country.

The online interactive tool can be accessed by the public and can see the location in detail with a high level of resolution of 30m.

The map contains a graph of the forest traveling the world from 2000 to 2012, based on 650,000 by the Landsat 7 satellite imagery.

During that time, the Earth loses a "jungle" with an area equal to Mongolia, the trees described can cover six times the area of Britain.

The development of efforts to reduce deforestation coupled with the destruction of forests in Indonesia, Malaysia, Paraguay and Angola, according to a study written in the journal Science.

"This is the first map changes in forest globally consistent and have relevance locally," said Prof. Matthew Hansen of the University of Maryland, the leader of the team that created the map.

"What can be done by a computer for 15 years can be completed in a few days using Google Earth Engine."
The research shows important figures in the forest changes from 2000-2012 - based on satellite imagery.

World lost 2.3 million square kilometers of forest in the period, due to logging, fires, disease or disaster.

But the planet also get additional new forest area covering an area of 800,000 square kilometers, with a total damage of 1.5 square kilometers.

Compared to other countries, the Brazilian forest conditions showed improvement, with lower levels of forest loss between 2003-04 and 2010-2011.

Meanwhile, the destruction of forests in Indonesia increased more than doubled compared with the amount of deforestation per year to reach 20,000 kilometers in 2011-12.

Paraguay, Malaysia and Cambodia has the highest rate of forest destruction.
Overall, tropical forests increased to 2,100 square kilometers per year, according to the study.

The map will be regularly updated and can be used assess the effectiveness of forest management program.

It also can help environmental groups against the impact of deforestation - including threats to biodiversity, carbon storage and climate change.
Sir David King, a British Foreign Special Envoy on Climate Change said that Indonesia plays an important role in addressing climate change because it has quite a lot of forest.

"Indonesia is the most progressive among developing countries in addressing climate change," said David King in Jakarta, Friday (21/2).

David said Indonesia and the UK has a problem in terms of climate change is the same, namely floods. Both in Indonesia and England, flooding due to climate change a major impact on the economy.

Therefore, the issue of climate change is one of the biggest challenges for the entire world community.
"We are all responsible for addressing climate change. Some things that can be done is to reduce, reuse and recycle waste," he said.

David said tackling climate change must be done immediately because the expected impact will be even greater in the future.

According to him, the flood is a very real threat to climate change. Therefore, climate change has caused the ice in the Arctic Ocean melted to raise sea level. "Each island in the world have the same threat, namely rising sea level so the water will go inland and cause flooding. London, for example, in addition to the threat from the sea there is also a threat of rivers," he said.

To tackle climate change, he encourages countries that have forests to prevent deforestation or deforestation. "Forest destruction will accelerate climate change," he said.
The condition of the forests in Indonesia is currently in a state of crisis. Many plants and animals that live in them are threatened with extinction. In addition, there are many people and cultures who depend on the forest are also threatened. But not everything is bad news.

A harsh reality, we can see from the state of our tropical forests: illegal logging (illegal logging) and forest fires whether intentional or not. Illegal logging continues in the woods around Riau, Sumatra. The question that immediately comes to is, how the fate of animals endemic Sumatran tigers are now increasingly scarce? What will become extinct following the fate of Java and Bali tigers now living the story? Not only in Java, Sumatra and Borneo in the tropical forests of Papua else we have started many who changed into a stretch of palm oil plantations.

Who knows how things like this continues and destructive to the forest ecosystem and threaten the existence of biodiversity contained. Not only the residents in the forest, socio-cultural fabric of indigenous peoples around would be helped disrupted. With the loss of forests also means the loss of a source of life for the majority of the Indonesian people, because the forest is a place to find food, medicine and became the foundation of life for most people especially those living near the forest.

Human environmental destruction still roam. It is time for all ranks of the ministry of the environment, the rangers and their role in the communities around the forests optimized lest these events continue to be repeated and repeated again.

Let us look at and learn many indigenous tribes scattered across Indonesia, they generally had to act very friendly environment through the activities of daily life, and we are his people of the city, in fact it acts much less concerned about the environment.
So very much local wisdom from various indigenous tribes which are scattered throughout Indonesia that we should all follow.

Importance of Forest City For Nature and the Environment Surrounding

Forests vanish in the modern times lately. Ancient forests into a means for human beings to find food. But now reversed, forest even considered as a barrier for the city to build a shelter or tall buildings.

In the cities in Indonesia rarely we find the urban forest. Urban development have tended to prefer the physical development and is not accompanied by green land around it. The vacant land around the building only be used for parking without green trees. So instead of the urban forest we find, but a concrete jungle.

This scene looks from bertebarannya skyscraper buildings. Throughout our eyes look just tall buildings and green open area that should be 30% of the city as if neglected away with instead of development.

As a result, every year the big cities in Indonesia experienced various problems when the rainy season arrives. Starting from flooding everywhere, the environment and air quality becomes poor because of pollution produced motor vehicles are not able to be accommodated and filtered by the existing trees. The existence of green open spaces useful to have that we can not ignore and play a role in overcoming it all.
So, wait no more. The existence of the urban forest is the need for us all. Let's start from ourselves and encourage the authorities to create more forest in the town where we live.

Stinginess brutality AND WILL DESTROY HUMAN

Al-Ustadz Yazid bin Abdul Qadir Jawas حفظه الله

عن جابر بن عبد الله قال: قال رسول الله - صلى الله عليه وسلم: اتقوا الظلم; فإن الظلم ظلمات يوم القيامة. واتقوا الشح; فإن الشح أهلك من كان قبلكم. حملهم على أن سفكوا دماءهم, واستحلوا محارمهم

Jabir bin 'Abdillah radi anhu he said, "The Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said, 'Be careful you against kezhaliman because kezhaliman is darkness-darkness on the Day of Judgment. And be careful you against nature stinginess stingy because that is what has destroyed the people before you. Stinginess that encourage them to shed blood and justify their honor. "[1]

Takhrij Hadith:
This hadeeth saheeh. Narrated by Imam Muslim (no. 2578), Ahmad (III / 323), al-Bukhari in al-Adabul simplex (no. 483), 'Abd bin Humaid (no. 1141), al-Bayhaqi (VI / 93 and X / 134) and in the book Syu'abul Iimaan (no. 10 338), and al-Baghawi in Syarhus Sunnah (no. 4161)

• اتقوا: Fear. Namely, be careful and avoid.
• الظلم: الجور ومجاوزة الحد,
the brutality, irregularities and bounds. The basic meaning of the wrongdoers are not putting anything in its place. [2]
• الشح: stinginess very, more difficult to pull out the treasure of the grabber. Others say the nature grabber / miserly / stingy with excessive greed. miser or hunks, could treasure and could also act ma'ruf griping with (good). [3]
• حملهم: Encourage them or the cause of their actions.
• سفكوا دماءهم: Spill their blood. Namely, most of them kill each other partially.
• استحلوا: justify. That is, justifies women are forbidden by Allah Almighty for them, then they are cruel to the women.

Sharh Hadith:
In this hadith there is a warning of doing injustice and suggestions to do justice. Islamic Shari'a entirely fair, ordered to do justly, and banned from doing injustice. Allah Almighty says:

قل أمر ربي بالقسط

Say, "Rabbku told me to do justice ..." [al-A'raf / 7: 29]

إن الله يأمر بالعدل

Verily Allah tells (you) to be fair ... "[An-Nahl / 16: 90]

الذين آمنوا ولم يلبسوا إيمانهم بظلم أولئك لهم الأمن وهم مهتدون

People who believe and do not mix up their faith with brutality (shirk), they are the ones who get a sense of security and they guided. "[Al-An'am / 6: 82]

Indeed, the faith in all the trees and branches, the Zahir and the mind, everything is fair, contrary to the wrongdoers.

Justice fairest and the tree is acknowledge and sincere faith only to Allah alone, believe in the names and attributes of His goodness, and religious devotion and worship to Allah Almighty.

The most wrongdoers kezhaliman do is shirk, to Allah, as He says:

وإذ قال لقمان لابنه وهو يعظه يا بني لا تشرك بالله إن الشرك لظلم عظيم

And (remember) when Luqman said to his son while he admonished him, "O my son! Do not ascribe Allah, verily ascribe (Allah) is truly a great injustice. "[Luqman / 31: 13]

Because just means putting things in place and implement the rights required. As for the wrongdoers, they are not putting things in place.

Rights of the greatest and most required is the right of Allah over His servants. A servant should know Allah Almighty and worship Him, not associating anything with Him. Then the trees take on faith, Shari'ah Shari'ah of Islam such as prayer, charity, fasting, Ramadan, Hajj, jihad in Allah's way with words and deeds, edify each other in righteousness and patience. Do not do any of that disyari'atkan is a form of injustice.

Including acts of justice that is fulfilling the rights of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam which faith and love, the more love he sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam of all creatures, obey, respect him, honor him, and put him in command and the command and the words of others ,

On the other hand, is a great injustice, if a slave does not fulfill any of the rights of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

Including justice and love that glorifies the Companions of the Prophet of Allaah anhum. Allah Almighty and His Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, has mentioned that many priorities and praise for the companions g compared with other beings-beings. The Companions of Allaah anhum is the best man after the prophets and messengers. The friends are the people of the pleasure of Allah and would seek heaven is guaranteed. Islam came to us was one of the fruits of the struggle, jihad and sacrifices of the Companions of Allaah anhum.

Thus, how great denounced injustice, insult, berate the Companions of Allaah anhum. Revile the Companions in fact is blasphemed Allah Almighty, His Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and Islam. Because they are praising Allah Almighty and His Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Even the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam forbade revile the Companions. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

لا تسبوا أصحابي, فوالذي نفسي بيده لو أن أحدكم أنفق مثل أحد ذهبا ما بلغ مد أحدهم ولا نصيفه.

Do you berate my friends !! For the sake of the Lord myself in his hands, in case one of you to give charity gold equal to Uhud, it has not reached the value of their donation though (their donation only) one Mudd (ie full two palms) and not even half. [ 4]

من سب أصحابي, فعليه لعنة الله, والملائكة, والناس أجمعين.

Those who berate my friends, then her curse of Allah, the angels, and of all mankind! [5]

Among other deeds fair is devoted to parents, connect kinship, fulfill the rights of relatives, friends and people with whom we work. And injustice that is not performing all that.

Fulfilling the rights of husband and wife is a form of justice other. Those who do not deliver, then he wrongdoers.

Menzhalimi man many kinds, all of it accumulates in the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in Farewell Hajj':

إن دماءكم, وأموالكم, وأعراضكم, حرام عليكم كحرمة يومكم هذا, في شهركم هذا, في بلدكم هذا

Truly your blood, your property, your honor, it is illegal for you as illegitimate today, this month, and the state. [6]

So, all the injustice that is darkness on the Day of Judgment. The perpetrators are punished in accordance with the kezhalimannya. Those who responded dizhalimi of goodness sake people who do it. If they do not have the benefit of another, then Taking the vices of those who dizhalimi and charged to those who do injustice.

Allah Almighty has forbidden injustice for Himself, and Allah Almighty make it illegal even among His servants. Allah the most just in word, deed and punishment.

Allah Almighty says in the hadith Qudsi:

يا عبادي! إني حرمت الظلم على نفسي, وجعلته بينكم محرما; فلاتظالموا ...

O My servants! I have forbidden injustice for Myself and have made it forbidden amongst you, so do not you oppressing each other! [7]

It means that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala forbid injustice acts upon His servants and prohibit their mutual menzhalimi, because injustice itself is forbidden. Allah Almighty says:

وما أنا بظلام للعبيد

... And I'm not oppressing my servants. [Qaf / 50: 29]

Allah Almighty also says:

وما الله يريد ظلما للعباد

... But Allah does not want injustice to His servants. [Al-Mu'min / 40: 31]

Kezhaliman Has Three Kinds:
1. Kezhaliman not be forgiven by Allah, that is shirk, associating partners with Allah. Allah Almighty says:

إن الله لا يغفر أن يشرك به ويغفر ما دون ذلك لمن يشاء ومن يشرك بالله فقد افترى إثما عظيما

Verily Allah will not forgive (sins) because of false gods (polytheism) and He forgives what (sin) than (anything else) to whom He wills. Whoever is to Allah, then indeed he has a great sin. [An-Nisa '/ 4: 48]

Allah Almighty also says:

وإذ قال لقمان لابنه وهو يعظه يا بني لا تشرك بالله إن الشرك لظلم عظيم

And (remember) when Luqman said to his son while he admonished him, "O my son! Do not ascribe Allah, verily ascribe (Allah) is truly a great injustice. "[Luqman / 31: 13]

2. Kezhaliman are not left at all by Allah Almighty, that is tyranny, most slaves to others. Including that of the perfect justice of Allah avenge injustice among his servants according to their levels of brutality.

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

إن الظلم ظلمات يوم القيامة

Oppression is darkness on the Day of Judgement [8]

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also said:

إن الله ليملي للظالم حتى إذا أخذه لم يفلته, ثم قرأ: وكذلك أخذ ربك إذا أخذ القرى وهي ظالمة إن أخذه أليم شديد

Surely, Allah surely delay (penalties) for the wrongdoers, but if he was tortured, he was not passing. "Then the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam recited the verse (which means):" And so the punishment of your Lord when He punishes (population) states an oppressor. Indeed, the punishment is severe, very severe. "[Hud / 11: 102] [9].

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also said:

من كانت له مظلمة لأخيه من عرضه أو شيء فليتحلله منه اليوم قبل أن لايكون دينار ولادرهم إن كان له عمل صالح أخذ منه بقدر مظلمته وإن لم يكن له حسنات أخذ من سيئات صاحبه فحمل عليه

Those in whom there mazhlamah (loss) to his brother if he had ruined his honor or something (the property taken by wrongdoers) owned by his brother, let him ask for lawful right now, because there (Day of Judgment) no dinar and dirham. If he has good deeds, they will be taken to (paying) members dizhalimi accordance with kezhalimannya. And if he has no good deeds, the sins of his brother was taken then charged him [10].

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

واتق دعوة المظلوم, فإنه ليس بينها وبين الله حجاب

... And be careful of people who dizhalimi prayers, because there is no barrier between the prayers to Allah [11].

3. Kezhaliman residing in the will of Allah Almighty, if He wills, He will punish him. And if He wills He will forgive him. Ie sins committed a slave to his Lord, than shirk. [12]

Allah Almighty provides a straight path for His servants who wish to return to justice. Those who deviate from it, then it will return to the injustice that dragged to Hell.


واتقوا الشح; فإن الشح أهلك من كان قبلكم

And be careful you against nature stingy / miser, because stinginess / miserliness that is what has destroyed the people before you

Because of greed for wealth makes people accumulate wealth by all means and on all resources, regardless of licit and illicit -na'udzu billah-. Even the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

حملهم على أن سفكوا دماءهم, واستحلوا محارمهم
(Stinginess it) push them (the people before us) is to shed blood and to legalize their honor.

Miser / miserly as he looked to shed blood can not reach the goal unless the bloodshed.

In the above hadith, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam warned his people of two things, namely against injustice and avarice / miserliness. Wrongdoers are persecuted others, and that is greedy miser on what other people have. Both are acts that are forbidden. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

ومن يوق شح نفسه فأولئك هم المفلحون

... And who kept him from penury, then they are the lucky ones. [Al-Hashr / 59: 9]

The verse suggests that people who do not keep himself from avarice, he had no luck. Because of the lucky ones are those who are guarded by Allah Almighty than stinginess. We ask Allah to protect us from tyranny and keep ourselves from stinginess and meanness, ugliness. [13]

Allah Almighty and His Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also denounced and condemned the illiberal nature, financially and spiritually. Stingy, miserly and stingy is inherently despicable, vile corrupt nature, and a bad temper and is one disease among Muslims. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam always seek refuge in Allah from these properties. How could I not ?! Because the disease has destroyed many people, but it also led to the perpetrators of these properties is dragged into hell, wal'iyâdzu Hillah.

There are some people who miserly pay Zakat which Allah Almighty has enjoined upon them, but the charity that will cleanse and purify himself of his property. Of the people there are stingy and miserly towards himself, his wife, and his children, too stingy to the next of kin, his friends, his guest, the poor, and otherwise.

That's why it is hard threats in the Qur'an and the authentic Sunnah for the person who has the disease and stingy, miserly and stingy this.

Allah Almighty says:

ولا يحسبن الذين يبخلون بما آتاهم الله من فضله هو خيرا لهم بل هو شر لهم سيطوقون ما بخلوا به يوم القيامة ولله ميراث السماوات والأرض والله بما تعملون خبير

And let not those who are stingy with what God has given them of His bounty think that (miser) is good for them, but (scanty) was bad for them. What (property) they think it will be worn (the neck) on the Day of Judgment. Allah belongs the dominion of inheritance (what is) in heaven and on earth. Allah Mahateliti of what ye do. [Ali 'Imran / 3: 180]

Allah Almighty also says:

وأما من بخل واستغنى )8( وكذب بالحسنى )9( فسنيسره للعسرى )10( وما يغني عنه ماله إذا تردى

And as for those who are impatient and felt his self-sufficient (no need for help Allah), and deny (the reward of) the best, it will be easy-kan We do him a path to the difficulty (pain). And his wealth will not avail him when he perishes. [Al-Lail / 92: 8-11]

From Abu Huraira Allaah anhu, he said, "The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

لا يجتمع الإيمان والشح في قلب عبد أبدا

There will never be gathered between keimanandan kekikirandi a servant's heart forever [14].

From Abu Huraira Allaah anhu he heard the Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said:

مثل البخيل والمنفق كمثل رجلين عليهما جنتان من حديد من ثديهما إلى تراقيهما, فأما المنفق فلا ينفق إلا سبغت, أو وفرت على جلده حتى تخفي بنانه, وتعفو أثره, وأما البخيل فلا يريد أن ينفق شيئا إلا لزقت كل حلقة مكانها, فهو يوسعها فلا تتسع

The parable of those who are niggardly and who berinfak is like two men who wear armor (shields) that covers both breasts up to the collarbone. As for the charity it is not charity but he will grow armor that he wore to cover former pace. While curmudgeon it is not something he'd menginfakkan will be stronger than the armor's circle attached to each his place, he tried to loosen it, but the armor was not going to grow [15].

Stingy, miserly and stingy including cases destroy, as the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,

ثلاث مهلكات: شح مطاع, وهوى متبع, وإعجاب المرء بنفسه

Three cases destroy (that) niggardly (stingy) are obeyed, desires followed, and awe over oneself [16]

Rasûlullâhn seek refuge in Allah from injustice,

اللهم إني أعوذ بك أن أضل أو أضل, أو أزل أو أزل, أو أظلم أو أظلم, أو أجهل أو يجهل علي

O Allah, I seek refuge in You, lest I stray or be led astray (by the devil or the devil character), make a mistake or wronged, slipping or derailed people, menzhalimi (harmed) or dizhalimi (persecuted), and do silly or fool . [17]

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also seek Allah Almighty on the nature miser, stingy and miserly. Among the prayers which he read was:

اللهم إني أعوذ بك من الجبن, وأعوذ بك من البخل, وأعوذ بك من أن أرد إلى أرذل العمر, وأعوذ بك من فتنة الدنيا وعذاب القبر

O Allah, I seek refuge in You from cowardice, I seek refuge in You from the nature miser / miserly, I seek refuge in Mudari brought back to the most abject (dementia), and I seek refuge in You from the fitnah (temptation) the world and the torment of the grave. [18]

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also a lot of praying the prayer below:

اللهم إني أعوذ بك من الهم, والحزن, والعجز, والكسل, والبخل, والجبن, وضلع الدين, وغلبة الرجال

O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the evil, sorrow, weakness, indolence, miserly (stingy), cowardly, debt bondage, and controlled by others. [19]

1. Allah is fair, and never do injustice to His servants.
2. Allah Almighty has forbidden injustice for Himself
3. Allah Almighty has forbidden injustice to His servants.
4. Must be fair in all respects and can not do injustice / oppression to anyone.
5. Kezhaliman is darkness on the Day of Judgment.
6. Kezhaliman most sake is shirk or associating partners with Allah with something.
7. Kezhaliman a servant to others, or a ruler to his subjects, or an employer to its employees, and others will be prosecuted / rewarded by Allah until the Day of Judgment.
8. Kezhaliman menyebabkandatangnya wrath and punishment of Allah.
9. We must be careful to do'anya who dizhalimi or persecuted because of their prayer is granted by Allah Almighty.
10. Prohibition hard and warning against avarice and stinginess.
11. avarice and injustice as the cause of the spread of crime, destruction, hostility, and other bad things.
12. Kezhaliman and avarice enter in a big sin that caused the destruction of the world and a disgrace for the perpetrators on the Day of Judgment.
13. Greed of the world will drag people to disobedience and bring them to bloodshed and an abomination.
14. People who believe in nature Karim (generous) and a lot of charity, while the hypocrite has the nature greedy, greedy, and stingy.
15. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam forbade doing his sake and miserly and seek refuge in Allah Almighty from the brutality and scanty nature.

 [Copied from the magazine edition of As-Sunnah 10 / Year XVII / 1435H / 2014M. Publishers Foundation Standing Committee Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo-Solo Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton Gondangrejo 57183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]

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