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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Refugee crises and disasters, the consequences of sin whom?

The ride was not finished (369)

(Part three hundred and sixty nine), Depok, West Java, Indonnesia, September 13, 2015, 9:03 pm).

Refugee crises and disasters, the consequences of sin whom?

Humanitarian crisis in Syria, Iraq and Yemen that led to the flow of refugees to Europe and other countries in the Middle East and Australia is induced countries thirst of power and political dominance, resulting in continued and prolonged battle.
Just look at the conflict in Syria, Assad's authoritarian regime and want to continue in power assisted militarily and politically by Iran, Russia and Hezbollah fought the Lebanese opposition groups that supported the US and its allies, including a coalition of Arab states led by Saudi Arabia.
Islamic State of Iraq, Syria and Sham (ISIS) strengthened jihadist 25,000 youth from 100 countries, including jihadists from the US, Australia and Europe to fight against the Assad regime once fought against the regime of Iraqi Shia domination that helped Iran and Hezbollah. Not to mention the coalition of Saudi Arabia along Central Gulf Cooperation Council countries battling Shia Houthi rebels are backed by Iran.
Suffering and misery that befell the people of Yemen, Iraq, and Syria.
Is this all due to the punishment of Allah due to the sins of those who are now practicing deviant Islamic teachings.
As is known Saudi Arabia has accused ISIS has been out of the Islamic ideology called Kharijites, Shia also by scholars of Saudi Arabia and Assembly Ulama Indonesia (MUI) as a cult, because it has mengkafirkan the companions of the Prophet Muhammad.
Saudi clerics say they did not find the splinter groups of Muslims in accordance with the companions of Ahl Sunnah wal Jama'ah except among the followers of As-Salaf al-Salih Ahlul Hadeeth.

The Mu'tazilah how could correspond to the companions of the great figures while they denounce the great figures of justice and lowered their friend and accused them of heresy such as Al-Wasil bin Atho 'which states: If Ali, Az-Zubair Tholhah and then I did not testify punished because of their testimony. [See Al-Farqu Bainal Firaq hal.119-120]

The Kharijites had come out of religion and menyempal (out of Islam) of the congregation of the Muslims because some basic points of their doctrine is mengkafirkan Ali and his son, Ibn Abbas, Uthman, Talha, Ayesha and Mu'awiyah and is not located on the properties of the companions of people harassing and mengkafirkan them.

As Shufiyah, they underestimate the legacy of the Prophets and demeaning the transmitter of the Book and Sunnah and their mensifatkan as the deceased. A great man they say: You take your knowledge, of deceased while we take our knowledge of the great life that is not dead (God) directly. Therefore, they say-with their mouths to reject sanad hadits-: Has mengkhabarkan me my heart of Rabb.

As for the Shiites, they have believed that the companions had lapsed after the death of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam except a few people, see Al-Kisyiy -one of them- priest narrates the history of the book Rijalnya case. 12.13 from Abu Ja'far, that he has stated: All the apostate after the death of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam except three, I said: Who is the third person? He replied: Al-Miqdaad bin Al-Aswaad, Abu Dhar Al-Ghifary and Salman Al-Farisiy.

And narrated in p.13 of Abu Ja'far, he said: The Emigrants and Anshor has come out (of religion) except for three. [See Al-Kaafiy work of Al-Kulaniy, hal.115]

Khomeini also see their great -tokoh at the time of this- denounced and cursed Abu Bakr and Umar in his book Kasyful Asroor case, 131, he stated: Verily syaikhani (Abu Bakr and Umar) ... and from here we find ourselves forced to submit evidence proof of their deviations are both very clear about the Koran in order to prove that the two had menyelisihinya.

And said again terms of 137: ... and the Prophet closed the eyes (d) while both his ears no remarks on Ibn al-Khattab who erect falsehood and kufr sourced from practice, kezindikan and penyelisihan of the verses in the Qur ' an glorious.

As Murji'ah, they believe that the faith of those hypocrites who are in the same faith kenifakan Assabiqunal Awalun (the first people who converted to Islam) of the Emigrants and Helpers.

How they all corresponded with the friends while they are:

Mengkafirkan chosen people from among them
Do not accept at all that they are narrated from the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam in aqeedah and shariah law.
Follows the Byzantine civilization and Greek philosophy

In conclusion
These groups all want to deny us the witnesses to the Book and Sunnah and denouncing them while they are more worthy of reproach, and they are the zindiq.

Thus it is clear that the understanding of al-salaf is manhaj Firqatun Najiyah and Ath-Thaifah Al-Mansurah in the concept of understanding, acceptance and Istidlal (legal decision).

While those who follow the example of the companions are those who labor with the narrations (Hadith) are authentic and authentic dalah Shari'a law, with the road and understanding friend, and this is his way of life Ahlul Hadeeth, not the course of Ahl-ul-bid'ah and hawa. So true and the strong what we describe when we explain their success in the form arbitrate to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam with the success of the person who took the sunnah sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam and the Sunnah of the four caliphs after him.

(VOA) - The countries of Europe, the US and the rich countries of the Persian Gulf under fire from organizations human rights for not doing enough weeks to help the migrant crisis of the Middle East.

Eastern European countries are reluctant to give refugee status in large quantities for people fleeing from persecution and conflict, and allow them to live in these countries. Persian Gulf countries received only migrant workers, but left open the option deport them at any time.

In an interview with VOA, Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch based in America, said the new member countries of the European Union has shown a historic phobic attitude on the issue of Muslim refugees from the conflict-torn Middle East.

Roth said that the countries of Eastern Europe should be shared - is not only benefits but also responsibilities as a member of the European Union - that share a legal obligation to accept people who seek asylum.

Roth said the current refugee crisis is not a crisis in terms of the number - the number of refugees is just 1 percent of the population of the EU and member states can easily absorb them - but this is a political crisis caused by Islamophobia and political considerations.

There is no Syrian refugees have been officially resettled in the Persian Gulf countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, although officials say the Persian Gulf there are Syrians who have entered on a visitor visa and did not return. Human rights organizations say the people who have been allowed to stay come from a family of wealthy and powerful. Roth denounced Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf states for not accepting refugees.

(BBC) - The death toll due to the collapse of the crane in the Haram, Mecca, rose to 87 people, as expressed Civil Defence Authority of Saudi Arabia.
Previously reported number of victims of about 60 people.
The victim was injured in an accident in the holy city of Mecca, Friday, September 11, reaching at least 183 people.
Mecca was preparing to welcome some two million people who will make the pilgrimage.
A video published on YouTube-which has not been ascertained keasliannya- shows a crane that fell and heard a loud noise in the background with people screaming in panic.
It remains unclear the actual cause of the accident and an image showing a large red cranes seemed to fall.
While reports said that the crane collapsed into the east side of the mosque after strong winds and heavy rain.
MekahImage copyrightepa
Image caption
Krane big red visible through the roof of the mosque collapsed.
Arabian Peninsula neighborhood last week hit by a snowstorm.
An Indonesian citizen who was in Jidda, Jannati Jannati, write a message to Facebook BBC Indonesia: "I'm In Jeddah BBC. It's from yesterday already sandstorm. In Medina also heavy rain today."
While other Facebook users, Warda Zulfakar, said, "A person pilgrims from Indonesia (Sector 4) died. Tim Health of BPHI Mecca were evacuating the victims." But the report still can not be confirmed until the news was revealed.
Mosque HaramImage copyrightReuters
Image caption
The expansion could accommodate 400,000 m2 to about 2.2 million at the same time.
The building work at the Grand Mosque in Mecca has been going on for quite a long time and last year, the number of pilgrims is reduced for safety reasons because of the work.
Reported that the area of the mosque is planned to be expanded to accommodate 400,000 m2 to about 2.2 million at the same time.
Some 350 pilgrims died in a stampede accident in 2006.

The death toll from Indonesia due to the fall of the incident pulley in the Haram, Mecca, increased to six.
Certainty is proposed Implementing Information Function Socio-Cultural Consulate General in Jeddah, Sharif Shahab.
"Indonesian citizens who died as a result of the incident crane has reached six. When accumulated with injuries, all victims amounted to 37 people, "said Sharif told the BBC Indonesia, Jerome Wirawan.
Previously, the two victims died from Indonesia known from embarkation Medan (MES 09) and embarkation Jakarta-Bekasi (JKS 03).
The additional four fatalities consisted of two people from the embarkation Medan, one of embarkation Padang, and another of embarkation Jakarta-Bekasi.
Image copyrightAFP
Image caption
Governor of Mecca region, Prince Khalid al-Faisal, ordered the convening of the investigation.
To review the scale of the damage and the level of safety around the Haram, the governor of Mecca region, Prince Khalid al-Faisal, ordered the convening of the investigation.
However, the Director General of Civil Defense Authority of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Suleiman al-Amr, claiming that a strong wind is the cause of the fall of the pulley that struck the Grand Mosque in Mecca, killing at least 107 people, on Friday (11/09).
According to him, the current wind speed 83 km / h followed by heavy rain that knocked down trees and road signs.
When interviewed by Al-Arabiya television station, Al-Amr also denied reports that lightning had struck the pulley until it collapsed appliance.
Image copyrightReuters
Image caption
Kabah region surrounded by a pulley for the sake of construction.
Strong winds
Based on the testimony of witnesses, the winds blow in the area of the Haram before collapsing pulley is indeed very strong.
Dave Ariant Yusuf, an adviser Hajj a travel agency from Indonesia, watching how wind causes the plastic, cardboard, and various trash fluttering until it reaches a height of six floor hotel room where he was staying. The hotel is located about 50 meters from the Haram page.
"The sky became dark. The wind is very strong and suddenly vibrate hotel room window. Rain came down very heavy and last up to 30 minutes. Then suddenly there was a loud boom. Later I knew that it was the sound when the crane fell, "said Dave.
Image copyrightReuters
Image caption
Saudi intellectuals criticized the government that should pay attention to the safety of residents and pilgrims.
Regardless of the weather factor, Irfan Al-Alawi of the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation based in Mecca, said the Saudi government should think about the safety of residents and pilgrims to remember there is a large pulley 15 around the Haram.
"The whole region (mosques) as the construction area. Saudi Arabia must rethink health and safety strategy because there are 800,000 people in the mosque when the incident took place, "said Al-Alawi.
Al-Alawi is one of the scholars who loudly criticized the construction around the area of the Haram. According to him, the construction of the real destroy traces of the Prophet Muhammad during life.
Construction is expanding around the Haram area to 400,000 square meters that can accommodate 2.2 million people at once.

A US official told the BBC, an increase in confidence among US government that militants who call themselves Islamic countries, or ISIS make and use chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria.
The US has identified at least four incidents involving the two sides of the conflict in Iraq-Syria border region where ISIS using mustard chemical weapons, as delivered by the official.
The official also mentioned the use of chemical weapons is a powder form.
BBC teams in the Turkish-Syrian border has seen evidence to support the claim.
The US believes it has a cell group that is devoted to making these weapons.
"They used the mustard," someone said about ISIS. "We know they use it."
The chemical weapon mustard may be used in powder form and packaged in the traditional explosives such as mortar, as submitted by US officials.
"We have seen it used on at least four different events in both Iraq and Syria border locations.
When this weapon explodes, who was exposed to the chemical weapon mustard ash it will blister.
Officials said the intelligence community believes there are three possible explanations of how ISIS acquire lethal chemical weapons.
Image copyrightGetty
In observation of the intelligence community, as conveyed by US officials, that they make.
"We are assessing them have examined the cells in charge of active chemical weapons they are doing and try and get better in the making," the official said.
Another alternative theory that militants ISIS find chemical weapons in hideouts in Iraq or Syria.
Apparently militants find chemical weapons in Iraq, officials said, because the US military is likely to find it during a military campaign conducted in the country for a decade.
Officials said the militants appeared to have been seized from the regime of chemical weapons in Syria before the regime was forced to provide supply by the threat of a US air strike in 2013.


Ustadz Isma'il Abu Muslim al-Atsari

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says:

من اهتدى فإنما يهتدي لنفسه ومن ضل فإنما يضل عليها ولا تزر وازرة وزر أخرى وما كنا معذبين حتى نبعث رسولا

Anyone who follows the guidance (of Allah), then surely he did it for (the good of) his own; and whoever astray then surely he lost to (loss) himself. And a sinner can not bear the sins of others, and we will not mengadzab before We sent a Messenger. [Al-Isrâ` / 17: 15].

Surely this verse describes the justice of Allah Almighty and His perfect wisdom. Imam Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah explain this with the words:

Allah the Most Holy assign four laws for the enemies of His, which is the culmination of justice and wisdom, (ie): (1) that the guidance obtained a servant of faith and good deeds, (kindness) is for himself, not for others, (2) that apostasy, in the absence of guidance, (the loss) is above himself, not over others, (3) that the person will not be tortured by the sins of others, (4) that Allah Almighty will not be torture but after the establishment of proof a person with (sent) the apostles.

Then consider the content of four of this law, which form the wisdom of Allah Almighty, His justice and His virtues, and refutation of those who deceived and have false expectations; also a refutation of those stupid to Allah, His names and attributes of His. [1]

Interpretation ARTICLE
This verse contains four great sentences:

Word of Allah Almighty:

من اهتدى فإنما يهتدي لنفسه

[Those who follow the guidance (of Allah), then surely he did it for (the good of) his own].

Imam Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said, '' Allah proclaim that whoever acted in line with the guidance (of Allah), following al-haq and pursue a prophetic trail, then indeed he will get a result that is commendable for himself ''.

Word of Allah Almighty:

ومن ضل فإنما يضل عليها

[And whoever astray then surely he lost to (loss) itself].

Imam Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said, '' Whoever astray, that went astray from al-haq and deviate from the straight path, then surely he is evil for himself, and the evil back to him. ''

Word of Allah Almighty:

ولا تزر وازرة وزر أخرى

[And a sinner can not bear the sins of others]

Imam Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said, "And a sinner can not bear the sins of others, and those who commit crimes do not do the crime except for himself, as the word of Allah:

وإن تدع مثقلة إلى حملها لا يحمل منه شيء

And if someone were to call his weight (others) to carry it tiadalah sin be upon him at all. [Fatir / 35: 18].

And this does not contradict the word of Allah:

وليحملن أثقالهم وأثقالا مع أثقالهم

And verily they will bear the burden (sins) them, and burdens (the sins of others) in addition to their own burdens. [al-'Ankabut / 29: 13].

And His word:

ومن أوزار الذين يضلونهم بغير علم

and they bear the sins of the people they lead astray who do not know anything. [an-Nahl / 16: 25].

Because the people who took to the apostasy would bear the sins of their error to themselves and others with sin because they mislead others, without reducing their sins at all, and without the slightest bear their sin. These include the justice and mercy of Allah Almighty Jallaepada his servants. ''

Word of Allah Almighty:

وما كنا معذبين حتى نبعث رسولا

[And We will not mengadzab before We sent a Messenger].

Imam Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said:
This proclamation of justice of Allah Almighty, and He was not going to mengadzab one but after the establishment of proof to the man with the coming of the Apostle to him. As the word of Allah:

كلما ألقي فيها فوج سألهم خزنتها ألم يأتكم نذير )8( قالوا بلى قد جاءنا نذير فكذبنا وقلنا ما نزل الله من شيء إن أنتم إلا في ضلال كبير

Each time a set (the unbelievers) cast into hell, guards (hell) asked them: "Do not ever come to you (in the world) a warner?" They replied: "Yes there is. Now hath come to us a warner, but we reject (it) and we said:" Allah does not degrade nothing ,; You are nothing but in great error. "[al-Mulk / 67: 8-9].

Allah Almighty also says:

وهم يصطرخون فيها ربنا أخرجنا نعمل صالحا غير الذي كنا نعمل أولم نعمركم ما يتذكر فيه من تذكر وجاءكم النذير فذوقوا فما للظالمين من نصير

And they (the disbelievers) screaming in hell: "Our Lord, remove us, surely we will do righteous deeds, as opposed to what we have done". And if We (Allah) did not prolong your days in a period sufficient to think for people who want to think, and (do not) come to you a warner? So taste (adzab Us) and there was no helper for people who are wrongdoers. [Fatir / 35: 37].

And other verses that show that Allah Almighty will not put anyone to hell except after the coming of the Apostle to him. [2]

Therefore, on the last day there are some people who complained to Allah that they are not entitled to be tortured because the proof is not up to them, and Allah accept their reasons for it. It is mentioned in the hadith as follows:

عن الأسود بن سريع أن نبي الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال أربعة يوم القيامة رجل أصم لا يسمع شيئا ورجل أحمق ورجل هرم ورجل مات في فترة فأما الأصم فيقول رب لقد جاء الإسلام وما أسمع شيئا وأما الأحمق فيقول رب لقد جاء الإسلام والصبيان يحذفوني بالبعر وأما الهرم فيقول ربي لقد جاء الإسلام وما أعقل شيئا وأما الذي مات في الفترة فيقول رب ما أتاني لك رسول فيأخذ مواثيقهم ليطيعنه فيرسل إليهم أن ادخلوا النار قال فوالذي نفس محمد بيده لو دخلوها لكانت عليهم بردا وسلاما قال حدثنا علي حدثنا معاذ بن هشام قال حدثني أبي عن الحسن عن أبي رافع عن أبي هريرة مثل هذا غير أنه قال في آخره فمن دخلها كانت عليه بردا وسلاما ومن لم يدخلها يسحب إليها

Of Aswad bin Sari ', that the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam said: On the Day of Resurrection, there are four people who will complain to Allah: that a deaf, did not hear nothing; a worthless; a senile; and a man who died at the age fatroh; (1) As a deaf person would say: "O Rabb, Islam has come, but I did not hear nothing ''. (2) People who Moron will say:" O Rabb, Islam has come, while small children melempariku with animal waste ''. (3) People who dementia will say: "O Rabb, Islam has come, and I have no understanding at all ''. (4) And the people who died at the age fatrah will say:" O Rabb, do not come to a Rasulpun " then Allah took a covenant that they will actually obey Him. Then Allah sent messengers to those who ordered: "Go ye into hell!" The Prophet n said: "By (Allah) The soul of Muhammad is in his hand, if they entered it, the real hell it became cool and congratulations to them ''. (In another narration of Abu Hurairah says: "Whoever entered it, it becomes a real hell cool and congratulations to him. And he who does not enter it, he will be dragged into it ''). [3]

This noble verse contains many fawâ-id (subjects) noble, among others:
1. Hidayah obtained a servant, either in the form of faith and good deeds, then kindness is for himself, not for others.

2. Goodness of a slave in the afterlife depends on faith and charity shalihnya the time in the world. So that one can not rely on angels, prophets, saints, sheikh, murshid (tutor), priest, amir, teachers, and others.

3. Fallacy a servant in the absence of guidance, the loss upon itself and not to others.

4. A person will not be tortured by the sins of others.

5. Allah Almighty will not torture but after the establishment of proof someone sent His apostles.

6. Justice Allah is perfect.

7. The person who invites astray bear their own sins and the sins of others astray, because he was the cause of their error.

So little information about this noble verse, may be useful. Amen.

[Copied from the magazine edition of As-Sunnah 08 / Year XVII / 1435H / 2014M. Publishers Foundation Standing Committee Istiqomah Surakarta, Jl. Solo-Purwodadi Km.8 Selokaton Gondangrejo Solo 57 183 Tel. 0271-858197 Fax 0271-858196]

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