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Friday, January 31, 2014

15 soldiers killed in attack in Yemen

15 soldiers killed in attack in Yemen

15 soldiers were killed and four others wounded in an unexpected attack against Al-Qaeda militants in Yemen southeastern checkpoint on Friday , a military official said .

The soldiers were attacked when they were having lunch in the desert near the city of Shibam in the Hadramout province , residents said .

According to military officials , the attacker is expected al Qaeda militants .

Hadramaut , an oil-producing region in eastern Yemen , has seen sporadic clashes between government forces and major ethnic groups , after a senior member of the tribe were killed in a shootout at a military checkpoint in December .

Yemen ancestral homeland of the late leader of Al Qaeda , Osama bin Laden , and is still facing separatist violence in the north and south .

North Yemen and South Yemen formally united to form the Republic of Yemen in 1990, but many in the south , home to most of Yemen's oil , say , the north uses unification to seize natural resources and discriminate against them .

Western countries , especially the United States , increasingly concerned over the threat of extremism in Yemen , including the activities of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula ( AQAP ) .

The U.S. wants the new president of Yemen , ruling after protests against the country's military predecessor making split into warring groups , uniting the armed forces and use them to fight against the militant group .

Militants launched a wave of attacks since the former President of Yemen , Ali Abdullah Saleh , in February 2012 handed over power to his deputy , Abd - Rabbu Mansour Hadi , who has promised to crack down on Al Qaeda .

Al Qaeda militants strengthen their presence in southeastern Yemen , taking advantage of the weakening of the central government due to the anti - government uprising that erupted in January 2011 that eventually depose Saleh .

Ofensi Yemeni forces launched in May 2012 repulsed the militants of Al Qaeda from a number of towns and villages in southern and eastern region for more than a year to master.

Although weakened , the terror network could still launch attacks against military and police targets

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