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Friday, January 31, 2014

Seven insurgents were killed in Sinai

Seven insurgents were killed in Sinai

 Egyptian Military spokesman , Colonel Ahmed Mohamed , said it had killed seven insurgents in the Sinai Peninsula and injuring 15 others .

" In an operation launched since Thursday , a combined military and police forces had killed seven rebels of takfir groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood , " said Mohamed , Friday.

The joint operation targeting Adhabish residence Salamah , Adhabis Sulaiman , and Sulaiman Abu Malhous in the southern town of Sheikh Zobeid which is the most dangerous group of takfir , he said .

The Sinai Peninsula is an area of military operations since the era of President of Egypt , Hosni Mubarak , and continue at the time of President Mohamed Moursi .

After Moursi overthrow by the military in July last year , the Sinai Peninsula region continues to bleed that adorn almost every day in the local mass media in fighting between militants and security forces .

Earlier this week , militants blew at Sinai gas pipeline that transports gas to Jordan and Israel .

This gas pipeline explosions have taken place repeatedly in protest over gas supplies to Israel .

On the other hand , the Muslim Brotherhood staged protests continue in Cairo and other cities in the country to oppose the presidential election scheduled to be held next April .

Muslim Brotherhood supporters Moursi also opposed the nomination of a new constitution and flouted Armed Forces Chief Gen. Abdel Fatah Al sides were considered responsible for the overthrow of Moursi .

Observers Jendaral Al side will win the presidential election .

Military Council earlier this week expressed support for the candidacy of Al side .

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