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Monday, June 30, 2014

Former Chief Justice, Akil Mochtar was sentenced to life imprisonment

Former Chief Justice, Akil Mochtar was sentenced to life imprisonment

Former Chief Justice, Akil Mochtar was sentenced to life imprisonment by a panel of judges Corruption Court in Jakarta on Monday (30/06) night.

Akil Mochtar was found guilty of receiving gifts and money laundering related cases in the Constitutional election dispute.

"To declare the defendant guilty, sentenced him to life imprisonment to the accused," said the Chief Justice in the Court Suwidya corruption, Jakarta, Monday (30/06) night.

Against this verdict, the former Chief Justice imply an appeal. "Up to heaven, I still appeal," says Akil, on the sidelines of the trial.

This ruling is not different demands prosecution of a lifetime, but the judges declared Akil not required to pay a fine of Rp10 billion.
The judges stated, Akil has been sentenced to the maximum, so that fines can be waived.

However, the sentence was not taken unanimously, as two members of the panel of judges, which Sofialdi and Alexander Marwata different attitude aka filed a dissenting opinion.

Akil previously subjected to six charges for allegedly accepting bribes related to disputed local elections in several areas, such as Lebak, Palembang, South Lampung, and the island of Morotai.

Akil Mochtar was arrested by the KPK for bribery allegations in early October 2013 and in his official residence, Widya Chandra Road, Jakarta.

KPK seize Singapore dollar and the U.S. worth about 3 billion at his residence.

Commission then states Akil Mochtar a suspect in a bribery case handling the election Gunung Mas, Central Kalimantan and Lebak regency, Banten. BBC

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