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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Busyro Muqqodas : corruption eruption in Indonesia are still happening .

Busyro Muqqodas : corruption eruption in Indonesia are still happening .

Commissioner Pemberantsan Corruption Commission ( KPK ) who will retire this year , Busyro Muqqodas , began to maneuver with the quip of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono . According to Busyro , as shown in the short message received by journalists on Saturday ( 22/2 ) , the President visit to the refugee camps and the victims of the eruption of Mount Sinabung Kelud will not mean anything if the eruption of corruption in Indonesia is still happening .

" Is not it far more powerful than the ash Kelud and Sinabung , which is already devastating too ? For what the presidential visit and Kelud if the victim Sinabung eruption and gray above corruption have turned off millions of people slowly not even want to be sensitive ? " Busyro said .

Busyro furious over how powerful the corrupt behavior in Indonesia . Almost no ministries and sectors crucial untouchable criminal not include these extraordinary crimes .

" Does not the president have understood already eruption of corruption in MORA , Ministry of Agriculture , Oil and Gas SKK , Kemenpora , dozens of national and local member of Parliament , provincial government , local government , Korlantas , tax sector , and elite political parties , " he said .

Satire Busyro not without reason . Moreover , in the House of Representatives and the government's efforts to discuss the Draft Codes are touted to weaken the KPK . " If tetep passed in the House when the member can not be serious and focused , the government and parliament of the people beating the drums of fraud . Abstentions I'm sure the number will explode , " he said .

Does that mean the President , according to Busyro , did fail to prevent corruption or even engage in corruption eruptions more powerful than the eruption of two mountains ? Busyro as KPK commissioner or feel or even find Preisden efforts SBY KPK blocking the completion of many cases of corruption ?

As a commissioner of the Commission , though will retire , Busyro semestinyta action , not just insinuate SBY.Negara Republic of Indonesia is a state of law , Mr. Commissioner !

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