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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fire biosphere reserve in Riau extends

Fire biosphere reserve in Riau extends

 Fire in the land area of ​​Biosphere Reserves Giam Siak Kecil-Bukitbatu continue expanding to scorch over a thousand hectares of its area, said Police Chief Bengkalis in Riau, Chief Andry Wibowo.

"Fire in the land biosphere reserve that has occurred since the last two weeks. Till now the fire is still widespread," Andry said by telephone on Thursday night.

Andry said efforts blackout Biosphere region Giam Siak Kecil-Bukitbatu (CB-GBB-SK) by surface being conducted by a joint team of Community Care Fire (MPA), Koramil and local police.

But the outage is still manual, so efforts such outages do not optimally.

"Especially hotspots located deep in the forest, and water resources especially hard to come by. Yet again a burning peat, very easy to extend if blown by strong winds. Highly expected later no air or water bombing attempt," he said anyway.

The biosphere reserve is one of seven areas of biosphere reserves in Indonesia, located in two regions, namely Bengkalis and Siak in Riau Province.

Riau Biosphere reserves are set out in the trial "21st Session of the International Coordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere UNESCO Proggramme" in Jeju, South Korea, May 26, 2009 last.

This protected forest is one of the 22 sites proposed 17 countries received as a biosphere reserve in that year.

Biosphere reserves are the only draft environmental conservation and cultivation internationally recognized, so that the monitoring and development of concern around the world over the region.

He said, so far the members are still continuing to investigate the fire incident protected forest land.

Provisional estimates, he said, the fire was due to illegal logging activities carried out by the community.

Currently, he said, police are hunting two suspects namely HD which acts as financier, then BC is a village chief who sold the land to the HD.

Last week officers secure the three suspects believed to be messengers of HD to burn land in the protected forest area.

They are the U.S. (52), DS (42), and JD (36), is currently in the process of examination of the investigator

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