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Thursday, February 20, 2014

. Zamzam water was in the False Many Indonesian

. Zamzam water was in the False Many Indonesian

Really worried about what is actually happening in the middle tenah Indonesian nation . Too many people who want to get rich no matter how wealth was acquired . We then witnessed the crime was committed by many people with a variety of modes , which not only harm financially , but also undermined other aspects .

This Thursday ( 20/2 ) , for example , the Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation Police ( Police ) Central Java destroy thousands of liters of fake Zamzam water which was seized from a factory in Mijen , Semarang , some time ago . Police throw fake Zamzam water proof drains to the crime in HQ Special Criminal Investigation Directorate of the Central Java Police in Semarang .

Director of Special Criminal Investigation Police Central Java , Djoko Poerbohadijoyo Commissioner , said the culling has gained the determination of the court .

Police seized fake Zamzam water in raids in Semarang . In the raid , police also seized a number of means of production , such as water filter machines , packaging machines , packaging as well as thousands of fake Zamzam water ready on and capture the factory owner .

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