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Friday, February 21, 2014

President of Ukraine : an agreement was reached to stop the crisis

President of Ukraine : an agreement was reached to stop the crisis

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych , said an agreement was reached to end a three -month crisis with opposition groups , on Friday , after the worst day of violence left more than 60 people were killed and the Kiev region makes war .

" Both sides agreed to the initialing of an agreement to resolve the crisis , " the president 's office said in a statement after talks which also includes Russian envoy .

Envoys from Germany , Poland and France , who negotiate until evening with President Viktor Yanukovych , warned that the agreement was not valid . Similarly, AFP reported .

" The signing is expected to be carried out at 12.00 local time (17.00 GMT) " in the president 's office , the statement said , without elaborating on its contents .

Meanwhile, according to private television station 1 +1 Ukraine , the agreement will be referred back to the constitution of 2004 , which will give more power to parliament and the government and reduce the president's powers .

The coalition government will be formed within 10 days and presidential elections will be held in December - all of it is important demands of the opposition .

But there is no confirmation of three key opposition leaders and European Union envoys . Negotiations scheduled to begin again Friday afternoon .

Meanwhile French Foreign Minister , Laurent Fabius , carefully stating the deal was " not definitive " , while the German delegation source said there was no final agreement .

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