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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rizal Ramli affirm people need income

Rizal Ramli affirm people need income
President of Indonesia in the future should be able to create jobs as much as possible so that people have the income to meet their needs, said senior economist Rizal Ramli.
"The magnitude of pengangguranlah that causes most people of Indonesia have not enjoyed a real sense of independence," said Rizal Ramli while giving scientific oration entitled "The Future of Indonesia's Economic Prospects" on the campus of Al Ma'soem Education Foundation, Ranchi, London, on Saturday.
In a press statement, the most ideal candidates Indonesian version Voter Institute (LPI) that questioned the criteria used were claiming unemployment Indonesian government is only 6 percent.
To be able to absorb as much unemployment, continued Minister for Economic Affairs under President Abdurrahman Wahid, Indonesia should be able to at least double-digit growth for 10 years.
This is what China is growing 12-14% over 12 years, Japan 10%, and a number of other developed countries. By simply relying on economic growth of 5-6%, Indonesian certainly will not be able to catch up with developed countries.
"In the macro economy, every 1% of economic growth will absorb 400,000 new workers. If only grew 6%, then the workers absorbed only 2.4 million," he said.
In fact, the current jobless growth around 2 million each year.
According to Rizal, if Indonesia wants to be a developed country and its people prosper, leaders must be advanced.
Leader with vision, character, and competence to solve problems, not just leaders who are part of the problem. Only leaders who are willing to work with all his heart and soul that can bring Indonesia to become better in the future.Indonesian sovereign and respected other nations.
"Indonesia has all the requirements to advance and Digdaya. If 80% of our people have yet to enjoy the true meaning of independence, it is because the government and the system implemented impartially people," he said.
Responding to the speech material Ramli was fairly critical, founder of Al Ma'soem Group, Nana Ma'soem, casually stating no problem

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