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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Journalist killed in Colombia

Journalist killed in Colombia

A television news cameraman was shot dead in an area of ​​Colombia where he received death threats several months earlier , according to a news group on Friday .

According to the Colombian Free Press Institute , Yonni Steven Caicedo ( 21 ) was killed on Wednesday in the town of Buenaventura in the western region of the country.

" He was shot by two gunmen , " the agency said .

Caicedo , who works for a local television station but was not on duty at the time of the attack , was forced to leave the area Comuna 12 seven months ago when he tried to shoot video there after the murder .

On the advice of the police , he left Buenaventura sake of safety but returned earlier this year .

The press agency demanded a thorough investigation and expressed concern over the follow-up to the local authorities for the incident earlier .

The agency said , 41 murders occurred in Buenaventura this year .

Since 1992 , 41 journalists were killed in Colombia , the world's fifth order concerning unsolved murders of journalists .

It is not known whether the last murder was linked to a dispute between the government and the Colombian rebel group FARC .

For more than a year , the government of President Juan Manuel Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ( FARC ) peace talks in Cuba with the aim of ending Latin America 's longest conflicts .

Of the five -point agenda , both parties have so far only reached two agreements - land reform and the participation of the rebel group in politics if they end the war that has lasted nearly 50 years . Other issues on the agenda is drug trafficking , compensation of victims of war and an end to the conflict .

FARC has admitted for the first time some of the responsibility for the bloodshed decades , which implies significant changes in their attitudes as long as it is still claimed that group members become victims of government repression .

The Colombian government and FARC started a dialogue in Oslo , the capital of Norway , on October 18, 2012 aimed at ending a half-century conflict that has killed hundreds of thousands of people . The talks followed a month later in Havana , Cuba .

Three previous attempts to end the conflict have failed .

The last round of negotiations was held in 2002 failed when the Colombian government concluded that the group is uniting again in a demilitarized zone covering an area of ​​Switzerland which they form to help achieve peace treaty .

Violence continues despite peace efforts made ​​by both parties .

FARC , the largest leftist guerrilla group that is still left in Latin America , is believed to have about 9,200 members in the forests and mountains in Colombia , according to government estimates . The group fighting Colombia's government since 1964 .

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