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Friday, February 28, 2014

General Ryamizard Ryacudu Will be a Great Party Presidential candidate ?

General Ryamizard Ryacudu Will be a Great Party Presidential candidate ?

Researchers from Charta Politika , Arya Fernandez , revealed , figures military background still has a chance in a conflict , such as the presidential election , because the public still meminatinya . " But , military background is not a major factor in influencing voters . I think the main factor is the personal charisma and programs offered by the candidates , " said Arya , Friday ( 28/2 ) .

Meanwhile , Deputy Secretary General Tantowi Golkar Party said his party is now monitors all prominent figures , both military and non , to enter the market vice president , paired with Golkar chairman Bakrie .

" The important thing is that a candidate companion of vision , one way in bringing this nation to a better level , " he said . Tantowi admit , when many Golkar cadres in Ical can expect a figure accompanied by a military background .

Civil - military Duet considered ideal by many people . Therefore , the Golkar Party also continues to monitor the names of military leaders who are now circulating in the market presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate . Names like Pramod and Endriartono continue cuddled and studied . But , no other military leaders names covered , which is not yet entered the political market , will also be considered .

Meanwhile , Deputy Secretary Jenferal National Mandate Party ( PAN ) Viva Yoga Mauladi said , the military as an institution has experienced major changes in line with the reform process . According to him , the military is a security guard and state sovereignty . Military run the country's political institutions , meaning that in performing their duties in the interest of the nation and the state .
" Many retired military entered into a political party and candidates .

 Organizationally , that there is no structural relationship with the military institution . However , historically , they are inseparable . After becoming retired , that means already completed formal duties and return to civil society like other citizens , "said Viva .

Own party , continued Viva , now has decided to fight Hatta Rajasa as a presidential candidate . Of course , the names for the vice-presidential candidate being sought , examined , and monitored .

 The names of former military officers are now circulating in the market is the one that will be considered . When the PAN voice and could significantly advance the Hatta as a presidential candidate , a duet with military leaders is one of the alternatives being considered for selection. Names like Pramod Edhie , Endriartono Sutarto , and Djoko Santoso incoming radar PAN .
" Yes , we consider everything , " he said , as quoted by Antara .

Meanwhile , Asatunews reported, a big party is considering former Army Chief of Staff Gen. ( Ret. ) Ryamizard Ryacudu to be a presidential candidate , or at least as their party's candidate for vice president . The extent to which information is correct candidacy general known this firm , we wait for further news .

Wikipedia writes Ryamizard Ryacudu was born in ( born in Palembang , South Sumatra , 21 April 1950 , age 63 years ) . Try Sutrisno -law of the former vice president is known as a general straight and firm . His career began after she took office brilliant Regional Commander Brawijaya V , which is then passed into Pangdam Jaya .

 When the national elite friction during the president Gus Dur , who was Regional Commander Ryamizard Jaya threatens anyone who would disrupt security in the region will face . Following from Military District Ryamizard 3 promoted as Lt. Gen. Wirahadikusumah Pangkostrad replace .

His ability to embrace all elements of the current military muster at Monas Field element involving Navy and Air Force Chief of Staff to withdraw in July 2001 appointed as Wakasad and then replace Endriartono Sutarto as Chief of Staff .

Chief of Staff of the Army is the officer who became leaders in the Army Headquarters under the Indonesian National Armed Forces Headquarters . Chief of Staff of the Army is responsible to the Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces . [ 1 ]

Until the beginning of 1948 has not established the post of Chief of Staff of the Army . Title KASAD first formed when the Vice- President Mohammad Hatta served as Prime Minister and continued the program Reorganization and Rationalization ( RERA ) Indonesian National Army . As the Prime Minister and Defense Minister Hatta appointed as the Army Chief of Staff Djatikusumo by Presidential Decree 14 of 1948 on May 14, 1948 . [ 2 ] Determination of Regulatory Organization contains Army , Determination Army officials under the Ministry of Defense based in Yogyakarta .

Chief of Staff of the Army only has the authority governing the administration of the soldiers in the Army . The term has been changed into Army Chief of Staff Minister / Commander of the Army since chaired by Lt. Gen. Ahmad Yani until occupied by Gen. Suharto . The term is used when the Army Chief of Staff back held by General Maraden Panggabean .

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