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Saturday, February 22, 2014

KH Warist Ilyas passed away

KH Warist Ilyas passed away

Cleric Madura, East Java, KH Warist Ilyas of An-Nuqoyah boarding school, guluk-guluk in Sumenep who died on Saturday morning buried in the evening after Isha prayer.

"The deceased was interred after Isha tonight," said the lecturer School of Islamic An-Nuqoyah, Matnin told AFP by telephone on Saturday.

KH Warist Ilyas died in General Hospital (Hospital) Dr Slamet Martodirdjo Pamekasan, Madura Island.

He is known as a well-respected scholars who, both as an educator and politician in the Islamic United Development Party (PPP).

Former member of Parliament during the New Order became Chairman of the PPP PPP Sumenep DPC.

Among politicians PPP, KH istiqomah Warist also be a figure in politics since remained in the party bearing the Kaaba at a time when many other kiai moving party or even set it up in the reform period.

"He is also someone who was polite and never grudges to anyone. We are very lose and hopefully he accepted his hand," said a member of parliament Pamekasan of PPP, Iskandar.

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