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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Five Tips to Avoid Hackers

Five Tips to Avoid Hackers

Verizon leak investigation data , the U.S. telecommunications company , showed as much as 76 % of hacking originated from a weak password or stolen.

Although now increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks , hacking majority could be prevented with simple security measures . Two internet security experts , the chief security officer of Blue Coat Hugh Thompson and Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman divide our five tips to avoid hackers .

1 . Do not use the actual answer to the question about security .

As a way of confirming identity , a number of Internet service asks users to answer a few questions such as mother 's middle name , place of birth , favorite color . All it easy to find out by people who want a little trying . Just use made-up and could not be traced online .

2 . Think again about what you share on the Internet .

Let's daydream for a moment be hackers . Imagine we want to deceive someone , and then we find out that the composition of the latest posts on social media . The information you share on social media allows hackers to write an e - mail or making a phone call is specifically designed according to your condition . Think twice before posting anything on social media .

3 . Use different passwords for each account .

One method that often occurs hacking begins with breaking into place easily hijacked . So , hackers obtained using the password to open other accounts . Usually , people will choose the same keywords for the site and even Internet banking account . Use a password manager like 1Password . So , you will only need to remember one key word that can remind all your passwords on other accounts . Thus , you can create complicated passwords .

4 . Beware of links to shorten the post .

Such short links started popping up on Facebook and Twitter . Sometimes not clear where the link will take you . Some of the posts and messages are made available to encourage the user clicks the link, which finally opened a malicious site . And , often the links are from people you trust .

5 . Be careful when entering a password .

Hackers do not always require advanced technology to find out someone's password . In cafes , schools , or large meeting room , people often type a password without attention to the surrounding environment . Try to always be sensitive to the things around you . | ASWJ

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