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Friday, February 21, 2014

Libyan military aircraft crashed in Tunisia, 11 people killed

Libyan military aircraft crashed in Tunisia, 11 people killed

Libyan Air Force medical plane crashed in the south of Tunis on Friday morning, killing all 11 people on board, officials said Tunisia.

The plane crashed in a field Nianou edge of the village, about 40 kilometers from the capital city, but it does not hit home residents, witnesses said.

Libyan flag is still visible in the tail of the plane in the middle of the charred wreckage.

"The plane crashed at 01:30 local time (07.30WIB) with 11 people on board - three doctors, two patients and six crew," said a spokesman for emergency affairs agency Mongi El Kadhi, as reported by AFP.

"The entire fuselage was burned. Agency emergency affairs came to the crash site and discovered the bodies charred corpses."

There was no immediate report on the identity of the two other patients in the plane or why they fly into the international airport of Tunis Carthage from a base near Tripoli.

Pejebat air traffic controller said the plane Sofiene Bejauoi is Soviet-made Antonov-26.

"According to the air traffic controller who spoke to him, the last message the pilot is burning machine," he said.

"The plane was an Antonov 26 belonging to the Libyan Air Force, numbered lists Wahiskey Five Oscar Alpha Delta," said Bejaoui.

Nearly 1,400 military transport aircraft and produced between 1969 and 1986, 420 of them for export, said the aircraft manufacturer's home page.

During the day, the teams mulau check the black box flight records in an attempt to determine the likely cause engine damage.

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