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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Japanese marriage-Champaign in Suntiang

Japanese marriage-Champaign in Suntiang

Differences bring love. If it is true, sushi finally met an unusual match: rendang.

Japanese food is usually made from raw fish, rice, and seaweed offers freshness with crisp taste. Combination of sushi with the cuisine of Padang be very different creations.

The combination of both types of these foods taste odd but publish.

That intermarriage is the brainchild of Reza Pradikta, his wife, Gemala Rinaldi, and his sister, Puti Lenggogeni. They opened the restaurant Suntiang in South Jakarta in November last year.

Padang cuisine is not foreign to the people of Indonesia. However, Rinaldi and Lenggogeni, who was born in the area, intending to manage the unique Padang restaurant. They decided to marry cuisine with Japanese Padang, each of which feels has stolen the hearts of many people, such information Suntiang spokesman, Maulana Pamungkas.

Suntiang the Minang language it means marriage rendang match with sushi, ramen, or gyoza.

Keep alive the impression of Japanese sake, the living room restaurant provides a running wheel that circulate various types of sushi to the seat of visitors.

For starters, Edamame and Gyoza Balado Two Raso worth a try.

Edamame - soybeans that have not fully matured - Balado sauce coated and generate an extra level of spiciness.

Gyoza Two Raso - who has two flavors - delivering pleasure to each bite your tongue. There are six bags containing chicken rendang or Balado in one serving gyoza sauce Two Raso equipped with varying levels of spiciness: curry mayonnaise (regular), rendang (medium), and Balado (Spicy).

The menu is a roll-selling Suntiang rendang - rendang uramaki contains mayonnaise, cucumber and lettuce, roof rendang. If not satisfied, you can ask for extra sauce or seasoning typical Japanese as wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce.

The head chef, Lutfi Abadi, suggesting Stew Ramen as the opening menu, which is noodles with curry thick blackish. If you like hot and spicy food, the cooks will add the chili that will enrich the flavor of chicken ramen beraksesori karage and the soft-boiled eggs.

You can order orange juice or apple contains pieces of strawberry and passion fruit as a reliever spicy flavor.

In creating the menu, Lutfi play around with a lot of taste tests and experiments. "[The combination of this cuisine] is the first time in Indonesia."

"Sometimes, sushi sauce is too sharp so I had to slightly reduce it in order to emphasize the flavor of Padang."

However, it seems Lutfi managed to make a blend champion. Another menu can try is banana sauce Balado anchovies or shrimp grilled wasabi green chili.

Suntiang intelligent approach to making the first restaurant that marries taste and decent Japanese Padang worldwide.|ASWJ

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