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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Philippine troops and NPA rebels clashed

Philippine troops and NPA rebels clashed

Two separate clashes occurred between members of 42 Battalion The Philippine Army with the New People's Army ( NPA ) in the City of Bato and Pasacao , both in South Camarines Province , on Monday .

Belated police report said the first clash occurred at around 12:00 local time in Barangay Sooc , Bato , Camarines South , which lasted about 10 minutes .

Dissident immediately retreated toward the Albay area when reinforcements arrived from the government . Similarly, PNA reported .

The second clash occurred at around 16:00 in Caliriohan Sitio , Barangay Bagong Sirang , Pasacao , South Camarines Province , where other rebel groups clashed with the men of Bravo All 42 IB who were in a patrol mission in the area .

Ten -minute firefight ensued , after which the rebels fled , the report said .

Military officials believe that the two groups faced the soldiers would join the mission to roll out an ambush on government troops conducting patrol operations in various parts of South Camarines province .

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