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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Anti-police protests, buses and trucks burnt Brazil

Anti-police protests, buses and trucks burnt Brazil

  Protesters set fire to four buses and trucks, and cars on Saturday (Sunday AM) in Brazil in anti-police protest that they accused of being the cause of the deaths of two youths aged 17 and 21 years in the last two days in Niteroi, across the bay of Rio de Janeiro.

A young man was killed when his motorcycle crashed into a police armored vehicle, while the other hit by a bullet in a shootout between the suspect and police, according to a news report from Globo news website G1.

At the moment there sekira30 protest protesters raised barricades and set fire to vehicles blocking major road in Niteroi, because a lot of people trying out of town for the Easter holiday weekend.

The Brazilian security forces seek to improve the country's security to remote areas, the State karema Samba was in mid-June and July will be the arrival of thousands of people from various parts of the world for the 2014 World Cup.

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