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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

. U.S. : No indication of the use of chemical weapons in Syria

. U.S. : No indication of the use of chemical weapons in Syria

United States on Monday , saying there are indications of a chemical weapons attack in Syria this month , which may be carried out by the regime , a few weeks before the announcement of the presidential election set on June 3 .

" We have an indication of the use of toxic industrial chemicals , chlorine may , in Syria this month , the village is dominated by the opposition of the Kafr Zita , " said White House spokesman Jay Carney , as reported by AFP .

" We are examining allegations that the government is responsible , " he said

The revelation followed an announcement by French President Francois Hollande on Sunday that his country has " information " but did not have evidence that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al - Assad was using chemical weapons .

There are things that contradict one related attacks in Kafr Zita in central Hama province in April , with both parties , both government and opposition , accusing each other .

The State Department also an indication that a chemical attack .

" Clearly there needs to be an investigation of what happened here . We work with our partners to determine the facts on the ground , " said State Department spokesman Jen Psaki .

The new allegations came as the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and other experts working to remove the regime of Bashar chemical reserves , following an agreement reached after a deadly chemical attack outside Damascus last August that the West blames Assad regime .

OPCW said last week that 65 percent of Syria's chemical weapons had been removed from the country .

The most dangerous chemical weapons being transferred to the U.S. Navy ships equipped with special equipment to destroy the chemicals in the ocean .

Meanwhile , Assad announced Monday that Syria will hold a presidential election on June 3 despite a brutal civil war that has killed 150 thousand people since March 2011 is still ongoing .

The move is expected to restore Bashar to power but Washington condemned it as a " travesty of democracy . "

" He made a mockery of the claim to be democratically elected leader , " said Carney .

" A referendum on the president , that's what will happen , is a travesty of democracy and will not have the credibility or legitimacy inside Syria or outside Syria . "

Psaki says elections will not mean anything in the middle of the devastation .

" The implementation of the general election in the current conditions , including loss of rights of millions of people of Syria , not to convey the aspirations of the Syrian people or make the country move closer to the solution of political negotiations , " he told reporters .

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