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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Purworedjo ashfall

Purworedjo ashfall

Rain swept back gray Purworejo, Central Java, following the release of a puff of smoke with embers of Mount Merapi on Sunday morning around 04.00 pm.

Purworedjo ash rain hit this afternoon, although not as severe as in the previous Merapi eruptions, said Anik, a resident of the Village Seren, District Gebang, Purworedjo.

"Gede mbiyen, ora ki kandhel (first big, thick now)," he said when contacted from Jakarta.

While Yani, the residents who happened to be on vacation to Purworedjo said, ash rained today just thin it.

Winarto, Bayan in Purworedjo District residents said ashfall occurred in the area starting at 10:00 am EDT.

Rain after ash hit earlier in the day tectonic earthquake occurs four times in Volcano

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