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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Conflict -related shake PPP coalition

Conflict -related shake PPP coalition

United Development Party , PPP hit a split decision following a partial unilateral coalition with the party leadership Gerindra to support as a presidential candidate Prabowo .
Statement of PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali Click Prabowo support as a presidential candidate on Friday ( 18 / 04 ) , considered by other PPP leaders violated the party constitution .

" Contrary to the party constitution , thus null and void , " said Secretary General of PPP Romahurmuziy , Friday night , after the meeting of the party central leadership daily .

According to him , the decision of the coalition decided unilaterally by Chairman PPP without judgment through national leadership meeting .

Separately , Suryadharma Ali stated , support for Prabowo has been supported by the leadership of the party and just waiting for an official mechanism .

However , Saturday ( 19 / 04 ) night , the central leadership of the PPP led Romahurmuziy Secretary General will hold a meeting of national leaders , who likely will not be attended Suryadharma Ali .

" Contrary to the party constitution , thus null and void ... "

In this forum will be decided when and with whom the party will coalesce logo Kaaba , which could have been content to evaluate support for Prabowo .

Support a number of PPP leaders against Prabowo has been shown Suryadharma to attend campaign Gerindra Bung Karno Stadium , Jakarta , some time ago .

When it Suryadharma openly expressed support as a presidential candidate Prabowo , so that other PPP leaders had protested .

coalition demands

Based on a quick calculation last legislative elections , Gerindra about 12 percent , while the PPP got about 6 percent .
To advance as a presidential candidate Prabowo , Gerindra must form a coalition with other parties , as a minimum requirement for candidacy should get 25 percent .

Attitude of some PPP leaders who expressed a coalition with Gerindra , barely making an effort messy coalition of Islamic parties .

In fact , on Thursday ( 17 / 04 ) night , leaders of several Islamic party meeting that the contents of the assessment for the coalition .

But a senior politician Amien Rais less agreed that if a coalition of Islamic parties is not cooperating nationalist party , although he never mentions who the nationalist party .

Jokowi and Prabowo
So far the coalition between the parties began converging on two groups , namely the coalition supporting the nomination Jokowi as president and other coalition supporting Prabowo as president .

PDI-P claimed to have coalesced with Partasi Nasdem and CLA , while the middle Gerindra " embrace " the PPP .

The Golkar Party has so far been advancing the general chairman Bakrie as its presidential candidate , but it is unclear directions coalition .

Fast calculations while placing first in the PDI-P , Golkar and then followed Gerindra .

Acquisition of three non-dominant voices make them have to form a coalition with other parties .BBC

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