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Monday, April 21, 2014

Only four Members of Parliament " Perfect "

Only four Members of Parliament " Perfect "

Parliament Concerned Citizens Forum , or Formappi , a non-governmental organization that oversees the performance of concentrating House of Representatives ( DPR ) , has just released a series of reports on the work of Parliament . The report contains a number of indicators such as attendance rate , percentage of visits to local constituents , and the level of reporting transparency wealth .

Of the approximately 560 members of the House of Representatives , only four are getting an "A " while the majority of the 318 - member is considered failed .

Formappi Coordinator , Sebastian Salang said the assessment in 2012 that utilizes data collected from the House secretariat general and political parties . For example , Formappi can specify how often the board members attended the hearing based on attendance data .

The assessment showed that no more than one-third of the Parliament session attended 85 % . The members who rarely attend - attendance rate of less than 40 % - covers 22 % of all members of the House .

Based on the regulation of the House , the members who missed six consecutive session can be fired . Vice Chairman of the House Ethics Council , Siswono Yudo Husodo , said the center was fully applying the rules . However , some MPs still can work around this .

" Some members missed hearing four to five times [ in a row ] . But , they appear in the next hearing , "said Husodo derived from the Golkar Party . "That way , the sanctions can not be imposed . "

According to him , none of the members of the House are never broken because absent from the trial .

According Formappi , the House did not have a satisfactory performance in the affairs of a visit to the constituency . Each year , the House suspended the three - month recess , the time required for a visit Parliament constituency area . However , the data Formappi found that in 2012 approximately 70% of members of the House not visited the constituency once the annual recess .

Parliament has three duty - passed legislation ( Law ) , oversees the government , and signed the budget proposal submitted by the government .

Formappi say none of these tasks are carried out to the fullest .

Each year , Parliament passed several laws set targets . In recent years , the number reached 66 to 93 of Law .

However , in the last four years , the House is only able to meet less than half the target generates the Act each year , according to data from the Center for Indonesian Law and Policy Studies ( PSHK ) .

In 2012 , Parliament passed a law at the most , which is about 30 , said PSHK . While in 2013 , the House only managed to get 12 out of 75 targets legislation .WSJ

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